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“Street tracks are different every year, no matter where you go,” Shane van Gisbergen said. “The burial location is always different, whether inside the curb or on top of it. The track always changes.”
With two star players gone, the team’s rebuilding season hangs in the balance.
The NBA unveiled six newly-designed trophies Tuesday — all named after and honoring NBA legends — with the new MVP statue paying tribute to Chicago Bulls legend Michael Jordan. The Michael Jordan Trophy stands at 23.6 inches tall, and weighs 23.6 pounds — a nod to Jordan’s jersey number (23) and number of NBA championships (6). Reset finds out more about the new MVP trophy and how it pays tribute to one of the greatest athletes of all time. GUEST: Cheryl Raye-Stout, WBEZ sports contributor
How has American Jewish culture shaped sports in the United States? That’s the question host Meredith Shiner answers in the new eight-part podcast The Franchise: Jews, Sports, and America. Reset gets the scoop on the podcast, which drops new episodes every Wednesday. GUEST: Meredith Shiner, host of podcast The Franchise: Jews, Sports, and America
The Chicago Bulls are in the middle of a long road trip; how is the team holding up? Plus: rising Chicago Bears quarterback Justin Fields is battling an injury. How should the Bears proceed? And in what could be one of the coolest jobs in sports, the Chicago Cubs hired a baseball scientist. Reset gets updated on all the important local sports news. GUEST: Cheryl Raye-Stout, WBEZ sports contributor