Isabel Carter

Former Producer
Isabel Carter is an intern with WBEZ’s Content Development Unit and at the nonprofit news magazine In These Times. Isabel holds a master’s degree in multimedia journalism from Emerson College and has produced stories in audio, print, and visual formats. Since working on their first podcast in 2017, Isabel has covered a range of stories including policy, healthcare, housing, and LGBTQ+ issues. Their coverage also includes data reporting. Fun fact: they are a fan of ABC’s beloved franchise The Bachelor and once put their data sleuthing skills to good use analyzing the show’s metrics to determine whether it was successful in producing lasting love for contestants. (Spoiler alert: not so much.)

Isabel’s work has earned them several awards, including Emerson’s Journalism Graduate Student Award for demonstrated excellence across multiple formats. They are excited to improve their reporting and audio production skills at WBEZ.

Stories by Isabel Carter