JP Swenson

Luminary Fellow

JP Swenson is a Luminary Podcast Fellow helping produce WBEZ’s Curious City. JP started making podcasts in 2017 with his friends in his basement. What began as a high school hobby has evolved into a career in audio reporting and podcast production. JP attended the University of Wisconsin-Madison as a journalism and communication arts student, and participated in the Badger Podcast Network and WSUM.

He gained experience as a podcast producer and media production coordinator for the UW Department of Surgery. Beginning in March of 2020, he produced the department’s Frontlines of COVID podcast series, which told the stories of healthcare professionals directly confronting the pandemic.

After graduating from UW-Madison in 2020, the Northwestern University Medill School of Journalism accepted JP into its graduate program. He covered health, the environment, arts and culture, and social issues throughout Chicago. JP also served as a Medill Metro Media Lab Fellow, where he performed audience insight research for local news organizations.

Stories by JP Swenson