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Alyssa Edes

Alyssa Edes

News Producer

Alyssa Edes is a radio producer at WBEZ, where she covers all things Chicago for the station’s local broadcast of Morning Edition and All Things Considered. She is a key part of shaping each day’s coverage of the city and the region — pitching stories, determining format, and executing ideas. 

She is the go-to producer for daily breaking news interviews and in-depth conversations with newsmakers, authors, artists, and reporters. Edes loves having her hands on tape and has a talented ear for creating rich audio landscapes in longer-form features. She is intensely dedicated to her craft and is always looking for new ways to make the station sound even better on air. 

Before starting at WBEZ in 2019, Edes worked at the NPR mothership in Washington, DC, where she was a producer at Morning Edition for three years before deciding to get more sleep. She moved to the network’s afternoon program, All Things Considered, where she led evening coverage of breaking news, coordinated special broadcasts, and filled in as line producer. 

In addition to covering two historic presidencies, field producing around the country, and reporting with Steve Inskeep in China, many of the stories Edes was drawn to at NPR were about society and culture. She created and led the production of two long-form series at the network — one on the phenomenon of online dating and the other on the role that sex plays in our lives, relationships, and self-perceptions. Beyond that, she produced dozens of music interviews throughout her nearly five years at NPR and those pieces remain some of her most satisfying work.

A native Chicagoan, Edes is thrilled to be immersed in the thing she loves covering most — her city. 


Recent Stories

WBEZ Updates

What's Behind Sinai Health's New Mental Health Crisis Center

A new mental health emergency unit on Chicago’s Southwest Side is being praised as the first of its kind for the city. WBEZ's Melba Lara talks with Dr. Paul Berkowitz, the chairman of the department of psychiatry at Sinai Health System, about what makes it so unique.


Here’s What You Need To Know About The Chicago Pride Parade

About 1 million people are expected to attend the parade. Here are savvy tips from folks in the LGBTQ community on how to have the most fun.


What Chicago Lost in the Massive Universal Studios Fire

The destruction of master recordings from Chess Records and other local labels is a dramatic loss for Chicago music history.

WBEZ Updates

Chicago's Undocumented Community Prepares For Federal Raids

Local public officials and advocacy groups in Chicago are warning about possible federal immigration raids.

WBEZ Updates

Chicago Police Investigating Sergeant For Alleged Assault of Trans Woman

The Chicago Tribune reports police are investigating if an on-duty sergeant forced a transgender woman to perform a sex act.

WBEZ Updates

Opening Statements Begin In Trial of Man Charged With Murder Of Chinese U of I Scholar

Opening Statements Begin In Trial of Man Charged With Murder Of Chinese U of I Scholar.


Is Illinois' Legal Pot Law Really 'Most Equity-Centric' In U.S.?

An advocate discusses if it does enough to help black and brown communities disproportionately harmed by the criminalization of marijuana.

WBEZ Updates

New Book 'Soulless: The Case Against R. Kelly' Indicts Every System In Chicago

The Chicago journalist who broke the R. Kelly sexual abuse story has a new book out called Soulless: The Case Against R. Kelly. Author Jim DeRogatis meticulously lays out three decades of sexual abuse allegations against Kelly by dozens of black women who were teenagers at the time. He indicts nearly every system in Chicago — from the schools, to the courts, to the churches — for helping to enable or cover up the abuse. As he told WBEZ's Melba Lara, "Everybody failed."

WBEZ Blogs

Chicago Indie Band Dehd’s New Album Puts A Breakup To Music

Bandmates Emily Kempf and Jason Balla channeled their breakup into a new album, ‘Water,’ with the help of drummer Eric McGrady.

WBEZ Updates

Income Tax, Cannabis And Gambling: Illinois' Big Week

It’s a big week for Illinois politics. By the end of it, we should know whether the Illinois legislature will legalize marijuana, expand gambling, and approve billions of dollars in construction projects. As if that weren’t enough, Illinois’ entire system for taxing income could be upended. WBEZ's Melba Lara talks with Illinois politics reporter Tony Arnold for the latest.

WBEZ Updates

America's Deadliest Plane Crash Happened 40 Years Ago At O'Hare

The tragedy killed all 271 people on board, and 2 people on the ground. It’s still the deadliest plane crash ever to occur in the U.S., and Chicago Tribune reporter Lauren Zumbach writes that it “changed air travel forever.” She talks with WBEZ's Greta Johnsen about the crash and its legacy.

WBEZ Updates

Former Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel Has A New Gig In Journalism

Both local and national journalists called out Emanuel's latest article for contradicting his legacy as mayor.

WBEZ Updates

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot Up For A Contentious Relationship With City Council

Less than an hour after being sworn in as mayor on Monday, Lori Lightfoot indirectly criticized Chicago aldermen and said she’s proposing a total shake-up of City Council’s power structure. WBEZ's Marc Garber speaks with Lightfoot's advisor, Dick Simpson.


Lightfoot Meets With Ivanka Trump, Nancy Pelosi In D.C. Trip

In a WBEZ interview, the mayor-elect describes her trip to the nation’s capital, including sit-downs with Ivanka Trump and Nancy Pelosi.

WBEZ Updates

Recreational Marijuana Making Its Way Through Illinois' Political Pipeline

A 533-page amendment dropped on Monday but it still has a long way to go before it gets to Gov. Pritzker’s desk -- and there’s still some uncertainty about its prospects. WBEZ state politics reporter Dave McKinney spoke with host Melba Lara about what’s in the bill.


A Final Goodbye To Chicago’s Heartland Cafe

The building that once housed the vegetarian restaurant and meeting spot for progressive politics was demolished this week.

WBEZ Updates

How Structural Racism Leads To More Deaths Among Black Women Seeking Breast Cancer Treatment

Part of the reason for the struggle is structural racism.

WBEZ Updates

Investigation Finds Bond Reforms May Put Domestic Violence Victims At Risk

Cook County officials have reduced the jail population by thousands of people by imposing reforms that lower bond amounts for accused offenders -- meaning more people can post bond and await trial out of jail. Host Melba Lara talks to Chicago Tribune reporter David Jackson about the investigation.

WBEZ Updates

The Chicago Way And Aldermanic Prerogative

To help us unpack the "Chicago Way," host Melba Lara talked to WBEZ City Politics Reporter Claudia Morell and started by asking her, how she would even go about defining Aldermanic Privilege.


Parents Of 5-Year-Old Boy Charged With His Murder

Investigators say they believe they’ve recovered the body of AJ Freund Wednesday in Woodstock -- miles from his home.

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