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Elliott Ramos

Elliott Ramos

Digital Editor

Elliott is the editor responsible for WBEZ’s data reporting, specializing in data visualizations, maps, and analysis, he uses geekery to supplement the station’s enterprise reporting.

He also assists with analyzing the station’s analytics and audience engagement. He is responsible for poring over reams of data to ensure usability of the website and apps — and discoverability of the station’s content.
Prior to WBEZ, Elliott was an editor for the Wall Street Journal’s mobile applications department, and at one point, a news editor on its News Hub. He was previously a senior Web editor for the New York Daily News, and interned at the New York Times, Chicago Tribune, Chicago RedEye and WBBM CBS2.

Elliott holds a certification for data journalism from the LEDE program at Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism and a BA in journalism from Columbia College Chicago.
He is able to quote West Wing and Simpsons with ease, and once raised koi with the names Daria and Jane.


Recent Stories


City Council Approves Ticket And Debt Collection Reforms

The measures, which were prompted by a ProPublica Illinois and WBEZ Chicago investigation, are scheduled to take effect by mid-November.


Chicago Removed 15,500 Ride-share Drivers For Ticket Debt

This year alone, city policy required Uber and Lyft to suspend more than 15,500 people — about 15% of local ride-share drivers.


Lightfoot Announces Plan To Stop Suspending Licenses For Parking Tickets

The mayor also wants to reduce the max fee for not having a valid city sticker and give drivers with a boot an extra day to pay their fines.


Only 1 Person Has Been Issued The Steepest Fine For Drinking At Pride Parade

In 2013, lawmakers raised the fine for drinking near a parade to $500 to $1,000. Only one such ticket has been issued at the Pride Parade.


Tickets Task Force Suggests Reforms, Punts To Mayor, City Council

A report from the Chicago Fines, Fees & Access Collaborative responded to many of the problems ProPublica Illinois and WBEZ revealed.


Lawsuits And A New Mayor. What’s Going On With Ticketing?

Chicago has been hit with multiple lawsuits, and legislation has stalled in Springfield that would have ended some license suspensions.


Lawsuit Challenges Chicago’s Car Impound Program

The class-action suit wants the city to end a program that takes cars for certain crimes, and return others being held with hefty fees.


Chicago’s Towing Program Is Broken

The city sells one in four towed vehicles. It pays a contractor with residents’ cars. Yet, the city barely makes money.


Takeaways From Our Investigation Of Chicago’s Towing Program

Decades of data show the towing program relies on a problematic contract that sells thousands of cars and barely makes the city money.


Lightfoot Proposes Scaling Back Boots, Red-Light Cameras

Lightfoot would ban the boot for non-moving violations and eliminate red-light cameras that weren’t for safety reasons.


Chicago Election Results: What Neighborhoods Voted – And For Whom?

Lightfoot had a strong showing on a large part of the North Side, while Preckwinkle controlled the South Side along the lake.

On Background: WBEZ's Politics Podcast

How Chicago’s Ticketing System Can Ruin Someone’s Life

We all hate them. But parking and traffic camera tickets generate millions for the city of Chicago every year. A WBEZ/ProPublica Illinois investigation reveals that system puts a huge burden on the very people who can least afford it. We look at how one ticket can ruin someone’s life, and what mayoral candidates will do to change the discriminatory system.


Everybody In Chicago’s Mayor’s Race Wants Ticket Reform

All 14 candidates pledged reforms ranging from the studying of enforcement disparities to overhauling payment plans.


Chicago Seizes And Sells Cars Over Tickets, Sticking Drivers With Debt

The effort to collect on city-sticker and other tickets has led the city to sell off nearly 50,000 cars since 2011.


Task Force Will Take on Ticket and Debt Collection Reform

The group is part of an effort to make vehicle ticketing less unfair.


Chicago Throws Out 23,000 Duplicate Tickets To Motorists Who Didn’t Have Stickers

The move is the city’s latest effort to reform its troubled ticketing and debt collection practices.


City Council Approves First Reforms On Ticketing, Debt

The changes signal a growing acknowledgement that the city's reliance on fines and fees to generate revenue has come at a significant cost.


Burke Adds To Growing Momentum For Ticket And Debt Reform

The proposal, the latest in a series of reforms, would make it easier for motorists to avoid having their driver’s licenses suspended.


Chicago Elections Mapped: Voter Turnout High, But Low In Minority Neighborhoods

Check out Chicago's voter turnout on this map. Citywide turnout was high, but not everywhere.


Aldermen Propose Big Changes To Help Drivers With Tickets, Towing

The proposal would cap late penalties and create community service alternatives to some fines.

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