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Jerome McDonnell

Jerome McDonnell

Worldview Host

Jerome has hosted Worldview, WBEZ’s global affairs program, since 1994.

Jerome joined WBEZ in 1984 as an intern thinking this would be a quick “Peace Corps like” broadcasting experience. But suddenly he was producing a business program and then a Saturday morning calendar program. These days his picture is in the dictionary under “public radio lifer." McDonnell produced the internationally focused program Midday with Sondra Gair and took over as host after Sondra passed away.

For a few delusional moments in the mid 90s, Jerome was executive director of talk programming while simultaneously hosting Worldview, but he quickly swore off management responsibilities. Jerome believes broadcasting’s highest calling is to bring people together to make difference. He has the messiest desk at WBEZ and is Team Leader for Bike to Work Week.

Recent Stories


A Look At Spain’s Anti-Terrorism Efforts

Spanish authorities are re-evaluating their counterterrorism efforts after last week's attacks in Barcelona.


World History Moment: Mona Lisa Stolen

Historian John Schmidt tells 'Worldview' who ended up being the thief, and why they did it.

Worldview Podcast

'Worldview's' Super-Sized Eclipse Special

Join host Jerome McDonnell from the WBEZ terrace for 'Worldview's' Super-Sized Eclipse Special.


Total Eclipse Watching Experience

Adler Planetarium astronomer Lucianne Walkowicz shares her experience watching the total eclipse in Carbondale, Illinois.


Cultural Meanings Of The Eclipse

All cultures, including our own, have intimate connections with the sun, the moon, the stars, and other celestial phenomena observed in the night sky. These connections appear in mythologies and religions, as well as in human settlement and subsistence. They are as old as culture itself and change through time just as cultures adapt to new circumstances through time. Cultural astronomer Lee Minnerly, a former archives assistant at Adler Planetarium's Webster Institute for the History of Astronomy and lecturer at the Newberry Library, joins us to discuss several cultural meanings of the eclipse.


Eclipse Moment of Totality

Former WBEZ host and self-professed geek Aaron Freeman traveled to Carbondale to see this year's solar eclipse from the path of totality.


International Experiences Viewing Solar Eclipses

Worldview's Jerome McDonnell talks to two listeners about their international experiences viewing solar eclipses.


First Eclipse in 1991 Described As 'Life-Changing'

Celine Woznica of Oak Park joins Worldview to tell the story of her first eclipse.


New Info On Complicity of U.S.-U.K. in 1953 Iran Coup

Recently declassified U.S. State Department documents reveal a complicit nexus of oil interests, the U.K and U.S. governments in the August 19, 1953 coup d'etat that unseated Iran’s Prime Minister, Mohammad Mosaddegh, and his democratically-elected government. The CIA officially acknowledged its role in August of 2013. We’ll discuss the events of 1953 and its aftermath with three experts: Ervand Abrahamian, John Limbert, and Mateo Farzaneh. Ervand Abrahamian is a distinguished professor of history at Baruch College and author of the book The Coup. His other works include Tortured Confessions, Khomeinism, and Iran Between Two Revolutions. John Limbert, distinguished professor of International Affairs at the U.S. Naval Academy, is author of the book Negotiating with Iran: Wrestling the Ghosts of History. Ambassador Limbert holds the State Department’s highest award, the Distinguished Service Award, as well as the Award for Valor as he was held hostage for 444 days in the American embassy in Tehran in 1979. Most recently, he served as U.S. deputy assistant secretary of state for Iran during the Obama administration. Mateo Farzaneh is an associate professor of history and inaugural principal of The Mossadegh Initiative at Northeastern Illinois University-Chicago. His book, The Iranian Constitutional Revolution and the Clerical Leadership of Khurasani, won the National History Honor Society’s Best First Book Award in 2016.This segment was produced by Steve Bynum.


Milos Stehlik Interviews Filmmaker Tom Palazzolo About Chicago’s Racist And Nazi Past

We take a cinematic look back to Chicago’s racist past with filmmaker Tom Palazzolo.


China Tightens Regulations On VPNs Used To Bypass 'Great Firewall'

We discuss how recent VPN crackdowns affect business owners and the tech community.


Global Notes: Building On Flamenco Tradition

The Clinard Dance’s Flamenco Quartet Project joins 'Worldview' with a performance.


Human Rights Lawyer On Legal Issues For Women And Girls In Iraq

We speak with human rights lawyer Sherizaan Minwall about how the war has affected justice systems in Iraq


How Poor Internet Connection Produces Inequality

According to the Center for International Governance Innovation, as many as 4 billion people still lack access to the internet.


Jerome McDonell Remembers Dr. Quentin Young

Worldview host Jerome McDonell took a moment to remember the late Dr. Young during the show on Monday.


Worldview throws down the Bike to Work Week gauntlet

Bike to Work Week starts this Saturday June 8. The week-long cycling celebration offers city-wide programming and culminates in the Bike to Work Rally, a high octane gathering of thousands of bike enthusiasts in the heart of downtown Chicago at Daley Plaza. WBEZ team leader Jerome McDonnell blogs about the competition all week and starts by laying down the gauntlet.

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