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Jim DeRogatis

Jim DeRogatis

Sound Opinions Host

Born in Jersey City, New Jersey, the year the Beatles arrived in America, Jim DeRogatis began voicing his opinions about rock ’n’ roll shortly thereafter. He is a full-time lecturer in the Professional Writing Program of the English Department at Columbia College Chicago and continues to write about popular music for WBEZ.

Together with Greg Kot of The Chicago Tribune, he co-hosts Sound Opinions —“the world’s only rock ’n’ roll talk show”—originating at WBEZ and distributed nationally on public radio via PRX.

Jim spent 15 years as the rock critic at The Chicago Sun-Times and is the author of several books about music: Let It Blurt: The Life and Times of Lester Bangs, America’s Greatest Rock Critic; The Velvet Underground: An Illustrated History of a Walk on the Wild Side; Staring at Sound: The True Story of Oklahoma’s Fabulous Flaming Lips; Turn On Your Mind: Four Decades of Great Psychedelic Rock, and "Milk It! Collected Musings on the Alternative Music Explosion of the ’90s.

Outside of the musical realm, he published Sheperd Paine: The Life and Work of a Master Modeler and Military Historian in 2008, and in 2010, he and Kot issued their first book together, The Beatles vs. the Rolling Stones: Sound Opinions on the Great Rock ’n’ Roll Rivalry, written in the fun but combative style of the radio show.

Jim has played in punk-rock bands since age 13 but jokes that he is a drummer, not a musician. He lives on the North Side of Chicago with his wife Carmel (with whom he edited the 2004 anthology Kill Your Idols: A New Generation of Rock Writers Reconsiders the Classics), near their daughter Melody.

Recent Stories

Jim DeRogatis

Chicago Music History 101: The Blues

The argument can be made that all modern popular music started here on Maxwell Street.

Jim DeRogatis

SXSW 2017: It’s All About Convergence… Oh, And Some Genuine Musical Revelations

Music critic Jim DeRogatis says this year's SXSW was the "first when music almost seemed like an afterthought for the organizers."

Jim DeRogatis

The Feelies’ ‘In Between’ Is An Irresistible Place to Be

The Feelies have not significantly altered their formula over four decades, but it’s the rare case where that doesn’t matter a whit.

Jim DeRogatis

Lo-Fi Legend R. Stevie Moore Collaborates With Jason Falkner For An Outsider Pop Gem

For this fan, Make It Be is his best collection since Everything You Wanted to Know About R. Stevie Moore But Were Afraid to Ask in 1984.

Jim DeRogatis

A Cinematic Journey Down The Rabbit Hole Of Americana From Curse Of Lono

A stumble through hell and high water was never so alluring.

Jim DeRogatis

Regrettes? You’ll Have None About Loving ‘Feel Your Feelings Fool!’

Rarely has the future of rock felt like it's in such good hands.

Jim DeRogatis

Mourning The Passing Of The Great Percussive Engine Of Krautrock

Though his name may not be as familiar as that of many other legendary drummers, Liebezeit stands among the best.

Jim DeRogatis

Hallelujah: Why Art Can Help In Contentious Times

Two things in the last 48 hours have reminded me why those of us who care about art continue to do so.

Jim DeRogatis

Celebrating Chicago Lit on Sunday

After a week like this one, we all could use a little smart reflection, and the Chicago Book Expo offers two opportunities for just that.

Jim DeRogatis

Let's Hoist One for Bob Dylan: We Loved Him Long Before His Nobel

He joins an august list of American winners including Toni Morrison, Sinclair Lewis, Pearl Buck, William Faulkner, and Ernest Hemingway.

Jim DeRogatis

Bleed In Sympathy With Her: Jenny Hval Mesmerizes With ‘Blood Bitch’

Norwegian musician Jenny Hval has called her sixth album “an investigation of blood that is shed naturally.”

Jim DeRogatis

Beach Slang Plays As If Their Lives Depend On It

The earnestness and sincerity James Alex displays onstage, in interviews, or indeed in every note he growls, cannot be faked.

Jim DeRogatis

The Album Leaf: A Wave That Never Crests

It's a mix of the organic and the electronic/experimental and it's never sounded better, fresher or more necessary.

Jim DeRogatis

The Handsome Family’s ‘Unseen’ is a Record That Needs to Be Heard

Who doesn’t need a little brilliant back-porch weirdness in their lives?

Jim DeRogatis

Even Stranger Things: Meet Skylar Spence, Avatar Of Vaporwave

There's no better purveyor of the fun spirit of the odd genre dubbed 'vaporwave' than Skylar Spence.

Jim DeRogatis

Sneaks: Doing the Most with the Absolute Least

Rarely in the history of electronic pop or rock has anyone done as much with as little as Washington, D.C.’s young multi-ethnic auteur Sneaks on Gymnastics.

Jim DeRogatis

Aldous Harding: Haunting Freak-Folk From New Zealand

The music is as stark as those lyrics but things aren’t as dour as they seem on first blush.

Jim DeRogatis

Hoist One for the Hideout on its 20th Anniversary

Everybody’s favorite dive bar off Elston on Wabansia is going old-school, throwing a shindig “similar to our first block party 20 years ago.”

Jim DeRogatis

Honeyblood: The Coolest Scottish Duo Since The Jesus & Mary Chain

On their second album the two musicians deliver an even more fully realized sonic assault than they unleashed on their debut.

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