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Julian Hayda

Julian Hayda

Producer, Worldview

Julian is a producer for the Worldview, the long-running daily global issues talk show on WBEZ. Before joining Worldview, he was a regular guest of the show. He was most recently a co-founder of The Euromaidan Journalist Collective, a nonprofit formed to provide news and analysis of the 2013-2014 revolution and ongoing war in Ukraine. A multidisciplinary journalist, Julian directed a feature-length film called Block Four: Chernobyl 2011, and has worked on several multimedia projects in Ukraine, Canada, Czechia, Poland, Slovakia, Italy, and Cuba.

​​A lifelong Chicagoan, Julian is defending an M.A. in International Studies from DePaul University, which is where he also earned his B.A. in Journalism and Digital Cinema Production. Julian won the Robert D.G. Lewis First Amendment Award for Excellence in Journalism from the Society of Professional Journalists in 2015 and was a finalist for the Pinnacle Award for Best Profile Writing in 2015. He spends his weekends touring North America performing with an ensemble that plays the bandura, a 63-strinnged musical instrument. 

Recent Stories


Terror in Nairobi and Al-Qaeda Affiliate al-Shabaab

Somali Islamist organization al-Shabaab, an Al-Qaeda affiliate, claimed responsibility for the killing of at least 21 people at a hotel in Nairobi.


Chicago’s “Public Enemy Number One,” El Chapo, Accused of Bribing Mexican President $100 Million

The scale of El Chapo’s Sinaloa Cartel was revealed yesterday.


JB Pritzker Becomes 43rd Governor Of Illinois: His Speech And Roundtable Analysis

Pritzker, a billionaire heir to the Hyatt Hotels fortune, takes the reigns of a state struggling to fund basic social services and pension obligations.


China Assimilates Muslim Uyghurs, Forcing them to Sing Children’s Songs in English

China’s Muslim minorities have faced increased pressure to assimilate to Han Chinese culture, and self-suppress their religious and ethnic practices.


Global Activism: Chicago Fine Dining Raising Money for Immigrants in Chicago Public Schools

Nate Henssler, chef and co-creator of Chicago’s Portsmith restaurant, will host “La Besita” (The Beast), a dinner event to benefit immigrant children in Chicago Public Schools. “La Besita” is nicknamed for the route many Central American immigrants take through Mexico, to the U.S.


Shock Result in Congo Elections

Congo's National Electoral Commission announced today that opposition candidate, Felix Tshisekedi, won the country’s presidential election, upsetting moderate opposition leader, Martin Fayulu The country’s Conference of Catholic Bishops sent 40,000 observers to monitor the election. The Catholics believe Fayulu was the rightful winner.


Sean Casten: Illinois Congressman Won in Republican District on Climate Change Platform

Trained scientist, Sean Casten, is the new Congressman of Illinois’ 6th district. As the first Democrat to represent Chicago’s western suburbs since 1972, he made climate change his central campaign issue.


Women Now At Top of Military-Industrial Complex. A Feminist Reaction.

Cynthia Enloe is part of an influential generation of feminist scholars who, during the Vietnam War, began to trace the contradictions between militarist ideology and feminist logic.


Weekend Passport: Local Puerto Ricans Mark Feast of Three Kings with Parade

After Christmas and Easter, Epiphany is one of the greatest feasts in the Christian calendar.


Unfunded Federal Government Still Has Several Vacant Leadership Positions

Today, leaders of a new Democratic congress met again at the White House to discuss any possible compromise.


Trump says Immigrants “Have to Come Legally.” But is that even possible?

President Trump said, “we need people to come into the country, but they have to do it legally.” That's much easier said than done.


Yemen's Socotra Island, the "Galapagos of the Indian Ocean"

Before the war implanted Yemen among the broader public psyche, parts of the country have been known to naturalists for decades for its biodiversity.


Russia Charges Ex-Marine With Espionage

We're joined by Luke Harding of The Guardian. In 2007 he was interrogated the FSB at Lefortovo prison, the same place where Whelan is currently held.


Israel's Nation State Law Up for Review in January

The constitutional law establishes Hebrew as the only national language, and designates Jewish settlement as a national value


Is the Trump Administration in Chaos?

President Donald Trump turned America’s foreign policy establishment on its head this week.


Surprise U.S. Announcement of Troop Pull-out

This morning President Trump announced on Twitter that the U.S. has “defeated ISIS in Syria, my only reason for being there during the Trump Presidency.”


Violence in Run-up to Congo Elections

Tensions are high in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) as official presidential elections approach on December 23rd.


Weekend Passport: Hellenic Museum Explores Refugee Crisis

Years of an austerity has led Greece to struggle with managing the inflow of African and Middle Eastern refugees


U.S. Fumbles Peace Vote as Yemen and Rebels Come to Tentative Agreement

This week, the Houthi and Yemeni governments met in Sweden. They agreed to allow desperately-needed humanitarian routes through Yemen.


Murder Conviction for Killers of Honduran Environmentalist Berta Cáceres

In March 2016, Berta Isabel Cáceres, an indigenous environmental activist from Honduras, was murdered.

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