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Monica Eng

Monica Eng


Monica reports and produces segments on food, health and ethnic culture in Chicago and beyond.

Before coming to WBEZ, Monica Eng was a food, culture and watchdog-investigative reporter at the Chicago Tribune for 16 years. Before that she wrote and edited for the Daily Southtown and Chicago Sun Times. Monica has won multiple writing awards and been nominated for the James Beard Award five times.

Monica is a fourth generation Chicagoan whose children are fourth generation Chicago Public Schools graduates.

Recent Stories

Curious City

Chicago To Replace, Remediate Or Remove Park Fountains With Lead Pipes

Chicago Park District officials say they have a five-year plan to remove or replace plumbing in hundreds of outdoor drinking fountains.


Everything You Wanted to Learn About Recycling, But Were Afraid To Ask

A Chicago-area nonprofit is looking to dramatically expand what Chicagoans think of as recyclable.

Curious City

Caps On Or Off? Pizza Boxes OK? Answers To 10 Common Chicago Recycling Questions

Think you know all the recycling rules? Think again. Check out this quick guide to some common do's and don’ts of Chicago recycling.


Food Mondays: Are Grass-Fed Burgers Worth It?

DMK Burger Bar serves 100% grass-fed beef patties. Could that pave the way for sustainable meat?


Food Mondays: How To Make Sausage Sustainable

This week's Food Mondays features the Applegate Meats' New Food Collective, who are pioneering a more environmentally sustainable sausage.


Chicago Kids Exposed To Lead And Other Factors Struggle As Adults

A study finds that racial gaps among Chicagoans in teen pregnancy and wages are due, in part, to exposure to lead and other factors as kids.


Food Mondays: Are Insects The Food Of The Future?

As rising populations and changing diets worldwide put pressure on global food output, bugs may become standard fare for much of humanity.

Morning Shift

City’s Water Pipe Fix Could Be Worse Than No Fix At All

The city's approach to fixing some lead pipes could be spiking lead levels in homes. WBEZ’s Monica Eng stops by the Morning Shift for more on this story.


Food Mondays: Ashkum Farm Is Bringing Back Ancient Grains

Spelt, einkorn and emmer were some of the earliest varieties of grain humans farmed in the ancient Fertile Crescent.


Chicago’s Way Of Replacing Broken Pipes Can Increase Lead In Your Drinking Water

And you might not know the procedure was done in the first place.


Food Mondays: Monica Eng Interviews Chinese-American Novelist Lisa See

WBEZ’s Monica Eng talks to Chinese-American novelist Lisa See, author of bestsellers Shanghai Girls and On Gold Mountain.

Curious City

Your Guide To Chicago Music History’s Greatest Hits: Part II

Part I of our CliffsNotes guide to Chicago music history included jazz, folk, Latin, and gospel. Here, we present four more genres.


Food Mondays: Can Roman-Style Pizza Make It In Chicago?

Among Chicago’s claims to fame is pizza — deep dish, pan and thin crust. Many love it. But does this city have room for a friendly competitor?

Curious City

Your Guide To Chicago Music History’s Greatest Hits

A former CPS student wishes kids learned more about Chicago’s rich music history. So here’s a CliffsNotes music guide. Happy listening!

Curious City

Chicago Has 100,000 New LED Streetlights, But Activists Still Want Them Dimmer

The city says these new lights could save taxpayers $100 million over 10 years, but research says they could impact health and animals.


Judge Sets $1M Bond For R. Kelly In Sex Abuse Case

R&B star R. Kelly has been charged in Cook County with aggravated sexual abuse involving four victims, including at least three girls between the ages of 13 and 17.

Curious City

From Mickey Mouse To Oprah: What Chicagoans Write In On Election Day

Election judges don’t usually count votes for cartoon mice or celebrities, but there was one exception. We took a peek.


Christopher Kimball's new book brings globally inspired meals to American tables

Christopher Kimball talked with WBEZ’s Monica Eng about his new book, which brings easy meals from around the world to American homes.

On Background: WBEZ's Politics Podcast

Help! I don’t know who to vote for!

How the heck is a Chicago voter supposed to make sense of a mayor’s race with 14 candidates? Well, you’ve got about two weeks to figure that out. So WBEZ has cooked up a nifty way to help you choose which candidate you most align with, and our reporters answer some of your questions. Deep breath.

Curious City

Expert Tips On How To Stay Warm During Chicago’s Brutal Cold

From mail carriers to photographers, we asked people who spend a lot of time in the cold how they stay warm.

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