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Monica Eng

Monica Eng


Monica reports and produces segments on food, health and ethnic culture in Chicago and beyond.

Before coming to WBEZ, Monica Eng was a food, culture and watchdog-investigative reporter at the Chicago Tribune for 16 years. Before that she wrote and edited for the Daily Southtown and Chicago Sun Times. Monica has won multiple writing awards and been nominated for the James Beard Award five times.

Monica is a fourth generation Chicagoan whose children are fourth generation Chicago Public Schools graduates.

Recent Stories

Curious City

What It Would Take For Chicago To Compost Food Scraps

Minneapolis and San Fran do it. Even Oak Park’s got a program. What gives?


City Officials Remind Residents About The Right Way To Throw Away Fall Leaves

The two-step process is more complicated than you might think.


Local Anti-Trump Beer Gets Its Last Canning

The owner of Chicago-area 5 Rabbit Cerveceria pulled his beer from the Trump Tower lounge last year after the candidate insulted Mexicans.


Park Officials Find High Lead Levels In Hundreds Of Drinking Fountains

Recently released city data reveals that 43 percent of Chicago parks have at least one drinking fountain or sink with high levels of toxic lead. One fountain in Grant Park had levels 80 times higher than the federal limit.

Curious City

Daley vs. Little Italy: Why UIC Displaced a Neighborhood

Was the decision on the up-and-up, or did Daley just have it in for Italians?

Curious City

Park District Fountains Tests Show Mixed Lead Results

More than five percent of parks have at least one fountain with high levels of lead in the water.

Curious City

Veggies in City Planters: Tasty Kale Bait or Jailbait?

Tempted by street-level kale, cabbage and chard? Here's why you shouldn't treat public planters like salad bars.

Curious City

How Big Chains’ Produce Ends Up in Local Grocery Stores

When one Chicagoan found brand-name Brussels sprouts at a bargain produce market, she had to wonder: How did these get here? And why are they so cheap?


Park District Tests Show High Levels Of Lead At Some Public Fountains

Newly released Chicago Park District documents show high levels of lead in some popular public fountains.

Curious City

Chicago Park District Shuts Down Two Fountains Due To Lead Concerns

Questions are raised about a fountain at a lakefront path and another at Lincoln Park Zoo. The news comes as 40,000 Chicago kids are set to attend district day camps.

Curious City

Chicago Park District Testing Water For Lead

As 40,000 kids get ready to attend Chicago Park District summer camps in early July, district officials are testing the water in 60 field house fountains for lead.


Highest Lead Levels Yet Found At School For Kids With Disabilities

New results from CPS testing reveal one fountain’s water with 23 times more lead than the federal limit.


Here Are All Of Chicago Public Schools' Lead Test Results

WBEZ is tracking the results of lead testing at schools in Chicago. Find the most up to date numbers here.


New Results Find High Lead Levels In School's Water

At Reilly Elementary, one drinking fountain's lead level was 22 times higher than the EPA action level.


Chicago Posts Results Of Lead Levels Found In Homes

The sample is small but officials say more are coming.


Chicago's Beaches Off To Strong Start

Chicago’s beach season got off to a strong start Memorial Day weekend, despite still chilly waters WBEZ’s Monica Eng reports.


Beaches jammed for Memorial Day

Mild weather and sunshine drew crowds to Chicago beaches on Memorial Day weekend for the kickoff of beach season.

Morning Shift

Navy Pier Shows Off Its New Ferris Wheel

After more than two years of construction Navy Pier is unveiling its new attractions


CPS To Test All Schools For Lead in Water

The announcement comes after a pilot program revealed elevated lead levels at a South Side elementary school.


The Bright Glow Of Your Computer May Be Affecting Your Waistline

Researchers at Northwestern found that exposure to bright lights in the evening can result in weight gain and other health problems.

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