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Monica Eng

Monica Eng


Monica reports and produces segments on food, health and ethnic culture in Chicago and beyond.

Before coming to WBEZ, Monica Eng was a food, culture and watchdog-investigative reporter at the Chicago Tribune for 16 years. Before that she wrote and edited for the Daily Southtown and Chicago Sun Times. Monica has won multiple writing awards and been nominated for the James Beard Award five times.

Monica is a fourth generation Chicagoan whose children are fourth generation Chicago Public Schools graduates.

Recent Stories


How To Shop At Japanese Markets

WBEZ's Monica Eng offers tips on how to shop at Japanese markets like the newly renovated Mitsuwa Marketplace in Arlington Heights.


Food Mondays: Preventing Food Waste Emissions

One company in Chicago called Hazel Technologies has been working on a tool to slow that spoilage.

Curious City

Chicago’s Hidden Indie Rock Archive

Over three decades, Aadam Jacobs obsessively documented Chicago’s indie rock scene. His collection includes the early work of Liz Phair, Smashing Pumpkins, Jeff Tweedy, New Order, Naked Raygun, Flaming Lips, Yo La Tengo and much more.


Food Mondays: Jonathan Safran Foer on His New Book 'We Are The Weather'

Monica Eng and Jerome chat with Jonathan Safran Foer about his new book on climate change.


What Chicago's Young Climate Activists Want To See From Their Officials

Across the world, young people are urging politicians to take the climate crisis more seriously. Here's what they have to say in Chicago.


10 Things Chicagoans Can Do Right Now To Combat Climate Change

We asked experts what regular people can do to make a difference.


10 Things Chicago Mayor Lightfoot Can Do To Combat Climate Change

We asked experts for ideas on how to make Chicago a more sustainable city.

Curious City

Climate Change Is Already Impacting Lake Michigan — Here’s How

Erratic water levels, disappearing beaches — climate change is already affecting Lake Michigan’s shoreline. Here’s what else we can expect.


Food Mondays: Haute Mexican Cuisine With Chef Carlos Gaytan

On today’s Food Mondays, Food, Worldview’s Health and Culture contributor Monica Eng talks to Carlos Gaytan, the first Mexican chef to earn a Michelin star. Carlos grew up in a small town in Mexico's Guerrero state, and started working as a dishwasher when he first moved to the United States. He moved his way up the culinary world to eventually start the highly successful Mexique restaurant, which won him the coveted Michelin star. 

Curious City

The Story Behind Chicago’s Full Moon Jam

Chicago’s Full Moon Jam is now a popular city-sanctioned attraction. But it began back in 2004 as a birthday party among friends.


Food Mondays: Ancient Grains Might Help with Gluten Allergies

Bob Quinn was the son of a conventional wheat farmer in Montana. That is, until he started growing organic and ancient wheat grains.

Curious City

Which Dances Were Invented In Chicago?

Don your dancing shoes as we track down the Chicago band members, musicians, and dancers who helped create five iconic moves.


USDA Pulls Media Report on Climate Change and Rice

A USDA scientist quit the agency after it suppressed coverage of a paper he wrote linking climate change to declining nutritional value in rice crops.

Curious City

Having ‘The Talk’: Expert Guidance On Preparing Kids For Police Interactions

A child psychiatrist, a public defender and a police officer weigh in on how to prepare kids for interacting with the police.


Report: Running Chicago Taps Only 3 Minutes Can Make Lead Problem Worse

Researchers tested more than 200 homes, but city officials say Chicago meets “U.S. EPA standards."


Food Mondays: The Secrets of Bread

Award-winning Chicago baker Greg Wade spells out the secrets to broad that's healthy, tasty and sustainable.


Food Mondays: Let's Make Ramen

A Chicago duo have produced a new book “Let’s Make Ramen.” It looks and reads like a comic book but promises to make homemade ramen accessible.


Historic Maxwell Street Market Celebrates Tastes Of Mexico

Chicago's historic Maxwell Street Market has long been fueled by immigrants — most recently, those from Mexico and Latin America.

Curious City

Nicky’s And The Big Baby Mystery Part II: We Found Nicky V.!

Our recent search for the origins of a famous South burger hit a dead end — until the elusive Nicky Vagenas finally came forward.


#WVBus: Food Mondays On An Urban Farm

Detroit has become famous for all of its urban gardens and farms.

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