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Monica Eng

Monica Eng


Monica reports and produces segments on food, health and ethnic culture in Chicago and beyond.

Before coming to WBEZ, Monica Eng was a food, culture and watchdog-investigative reporter at the Chicago Tribune for 16 years. Before that she wrote and edited for the Daily Southtown and Chicago Sun Times. Monica has won multiple writing awards and been nominated for the James Beard Award five times.

Monica is a fourth generation Chicagoan whose children are fourth generation Chicago Public Schools graduates.

Recent Stories

Curious City

How Often Do People Defend Themselves With A Gun?

For more than 20 years, researchers have tracked how often Americans defend themselves with a gun. So why can’t they agree on an answer?

Curious City

15 Things You Can Actually Rent From The Field Museum

From a life-sized replica of a T. rex skull to fake bear feces, here are some notable items you can rent from the Field Museum.

Curious City

Did The Art Institute Of Chicago Ever Rent Out Paintings?

Could people ever walk out of the Art Institute with a Monet in their backpack? Allow us to be your curator in this exhibit of curiosity.

Curious City

Are College Sports Teams Paid For Patriotic Tributes?

A 2015 Senate investigation found that the DOD did in fact pay college sports teams to stage patriotic tributes at games.

WBEZ Updates

3rd Year Of Black Friday Protests Focuses On Police Abuse And More

The third year of Black Friday protests focused on police abuse and more on the Magnificent Mile.


Curious City: Discussing Chinatown’s Apartment Rental Practices

Experts discuss how most apartments in Chicago's Chinatown are advertised in Chinese, within Chinese social networks, and in Chinese media.

Curious City

Why Do So Many Kids Learn To Play The Recorder?

The recorder often inflicts squeaky torture on parents. Music teacher Valerie DePriest explains why it became a staple in music education.

Curious City

Why Chicago's Chinatown Is Invisible In The Online Apartment Market

The listings are there — just in Chinese. Is this a form of discrimination, or a way to preserve a neighborhood's character?

Morning Shift

Leaf Collection In Chicago Has Become A Real Pile Of...

'Curious City’s' Monica Eng has uncovered some of the anomalies at Streets and Sanitation, and raked together the info you need to get your leaves collected in an environmentally friendly way.

Curious City

Where Does Chicago's Yard Waste Really End Up?

More residents are calling for leaf and yard waste pickup, but collection numbers have dropped. What gives?

Curious City

Which Natural Disasters Are Most Likely To Hit Chicago?

The good news is Chicago probably won’t be hit by hurricanes and earthquakes. But the area is becoming more vulnerable to other disasters.

Morning Shift

“To The Left, Take It Back Now Y’all” — The Cha Cha Slide And Other Dances Created In Chicago

So you might know Chicago as the home of the blues and deep dish pizza but did you know it’s also a capital of dance innovation?

Curious City

Which Dances Were Invented In Chicago?

Don your dancing shoes as we track down the Chicago band members, musicians, and dancers who helped create five iconic moves.

Curious City

Baring It All: Why Boys Swam Naked In Chicago Schools

John Connors says swimming naked in high school gym class was “torture.” Curious City looks at why schools enforced the policy for decades.

WBEZ Updates

Physical Education Budget Cuts Could Hurt Illinois’ Most Vulnerable Kids, Critics Say

Critics say physical education cuts in the new school budget bill could hurt Illinois’ most vulnerable kids.

Curious City

Some Park Drinking Fountains Were Unsafe This Summer

The park district released data on lead-tainted fountains months after tests were started.

Curious City

What’s Up With That Stoplight On North Lake Shore Drive?

The light near Chicago Avenue causes mile-long backups. City officials are proposing a solution, but you might be in traffic for a while.

Curious City

City Of Big Ag: The Crops Chicago Was Famous For

The city deserves cred as an industrial giant, but it was also the first city of flowers, a pickle powerhouse and the heart of American celery.

Curious City

Many Chicago Parks Fountains Too Dangerous To Turn Off

The park district’s solution to dangerous lead contamination? Keep the water flowing.

Curious City

What Happened To Chicago's Koreatown?

Albany Park used to be home to Chicago's Korean community. But while some ethnic enclaves have grown, Koreatown has slowly disappeared.

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