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Monica Eng

Monica Eng


Monica reports and produces segments on food, health and ethnic culture in Chicago and beyond.

Before coming to WBEZ, Monica Eng was a food, culture and watchdog-investigative reporter at the Chicago Tribune for 16 years. Before that she wrote and edited for the Daily Southtown and Chicago Sun Times. Monica has won multiple writing awards and been nominated for the James Beard Award five times.

Monica is a fourth generation Chicagoan whose children are fourth generation Chicago Public Schools graduates.

Recent Stories


Lightfoot Calls Out Mayor Emanuel On Environmental Record

Mayoral candidate Lori Lightfoot is criticizing Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s "green" record in her own environmental plan.


Master Chef Marcus Samuelsson Asks We Love Ethnic People as Well as Their Food

Chef Marcus Samuelsson, who cooked at the White House for many Presidents, still waits for his invite from President Trump. He wants people to love ethnic people as much as they love their food.


Local Chinese Restaurants Keep Buzzing On Christmas Day

While some are eating ham and cookies, others feast on Chinese food on Christmas Day.

Curious City

Tips For Hunting Chicago’s Long-lost Recipes

The city's top recipe sleuths share their secrets as we recreate a divine, but elusive, fried chicken dish.


First Part Of Navy Pier Flyover Finally Opens

On Thursday, Chicago runners and bikers got a long promised gift: the opening of the first section of the Navy Pier Flyover.

Curious City

Where Six Chicago Streets Got Their Names (And Pronunciations!)

Hint: If you want a Chicago street named after you, it helps to know a real estate developer — or be married to one!

Morning Shift

From Paulina To Throop: The Origin Story Of Chicago’s Accent, Pronunciations

As much as we may not notice it, in Chicago we have some interesting and unique ways of pronouncing streets. Think Devon, Paulina, Throop and Desplaines. Our pals over at WBEZ’s Curious City say that, over the years, lots of listeners have asked why Chicagoans pronounce street names and other things the way we do and what’s “correct.”Reporter Monica Eng dug into how — and why — the CTA decided to pronounce some of our more challenging street names on public transit they way it did. Morning Shift digs into the root of Chicago’s unique pronunciations and opens the phones to hear your particular pet peeves on Chicago pronunciations.

Curious City

Do You Pronounce Chicago Street Names Like The CTA Does?

The CTA consults lots of sources to decide how to pronounce street names. Take our quiz to find out how your pronunciations match up.


Pierogi, Pork, Poppy: The Chicago Guide To Polish And Ukrainian Groceries

Ever wish you had a pal to guide you through stores like Rich’s Fresh Market or Andy’s Deli? Look no further.


Malunggay, Jackfruit, Cheese Ice Cream: The Chicago Guide To Filipino Groceries

Ever wish you had a pal to guide you through stores like Seafood City and Uni-Mart? Look no further.


Kimchi, Melchi, Bulgogi: The Chicago Guide To Korean Groceries

Ever wish you had a pal to guide you through stores like H Mart, Assi, or Joong Boo? Look no further.

Curious City

Steak And Lemonade: What Are The Origins Of This Chicago Food Combo?

The beef sandwich and slushy drink are sold together all across the South and West sides. We track down the guy who put the two together.


Meet The Illinois Farmer Growing Asian Pears For Chicago Markets

For more than 30 years, Oriana Kruszewski has cultivated a variety of Asian pears that thrives in Illinois.


High Levels Of Lead Found In Homes With Water Meters

Nearly one in five Chicago homes with water meters may have elevated levels of lead in their water.

Curious City

Why Doesn’t Chicago Have More Co-Op Grocery Stores?

We learn that, despite the current paucity of food co-ops, the city actually has a strong food co-op history — and there may be more on the horizon.


Navy Pier Flyover Misses Another Target Date

Chicago Department of Transportation officials say the first sections of the project should still open this year despite the setbacks.

Curious City

How Politics Created Chicago’s Lead Water Problem

Chicago continued to use lead pipes long after many cities banned them. We look at the politics and personalities behind it.

Curious City

Daley vs. Little Italy: Why UIC Displaced A Neighborhood

Was the decision on the up-and-up, or did Daley just have it in for Italians?

Curious City

What Are The Costs Of Chicago’s Air And Water Show?

The city says the show generates millions of dollars in business. But some listeners wonder whether it’s worth the environmental costs.

Curious City

What Officials Are(n't) Doing About Chicago’s Lead Pipes

Chicago has the nation's most extensive network of lead service lines, but city officials say drinking water is safe.

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