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Odette Yousef

Odette Yousef

Northside Reporter

Odette Yousef is WBEZ's North Side reporter.

Prior to WBEZ, she worked as a General Assignment reporter at WABE an NPR member station in Atlanta, Georgia. She also was an Editorial Assistant for NPR’s Talk of the Nation in Washington, DC.

Odette has a B.A. from Harvard University in Economics and East Asian Studies and she has won numerous awards, including a Lisagor Award, Edward R. Murrow and the Atlanta Press Club’s Radio Journalist of the Year.

Recent Stories

WBEZ Updates

Groups Worry Too Few DACA Immigrants In Chicago Are Renewing Permits

Groups that work with immigrants in Chicago are worried that few young undocumented people are renewing their applications for temporary relief from deportation.

WBEZ Updates

Immigration Activists Push For “Clean” DREAM Act

Immigration activists in Illinois are ramping up a campaign to pressure Illinois’ 20 U.S. congressmen and senators on immigration legislation.

Morning Shift

Homeless And Then Displaced: Latest On The Uptown Tent City

'Morning Shif't talks with WBEZ reporter Odette Yousef about the latest on what’s been known as Tent City in Uptown.

WBEZ Updates

Uptown Tent Communities Disband Under Pressure

The homeless community that formed in Uptown has dispersed.


Palestinian Activist To Be Deported To Jordan From Chicago

A Chicago Palestinian activist with a decades-old record of bombings in Jerusalem will be deported to Jordan on Tuesday, her spokesman said.

Every Other Hour

Power, Protection And Identity: Why Girls Join Gangs

Research finds young women often play central roles in gangs. One teenager reveals how the possibility of power drew her in.

WBEZ Updates

DACA Speculation Puts Young Immigrants On Edge

Chicago area immigrants who received temporary legal status in the U.S. under an Obama policy are anxiously awaiting the program's fate.


Undocumented Mother Seeks Sanctuary In Chicago Church

Francisca Lino isn't the first undocumented immigrant to stay at the church, which provided haven to an immigration activist in 2006.

WBEZ Updates

Judge Orders ICE Agents’ Names Be Revealed

A judge rejected a request by some federal immigration agents to remain anonymous in a case involving a Chicago man arrested in March.

WBEZ Updates

Homeless Group Threatens Lawsuit Over Viaduct Plan

People living in tents on Chicago’s North Side say they’re getting ready to sue the city.

WBEZ Updates

ACLU Praises Chicago Sanctuary Lawsuit — With Caveats

The prominent civil liberties group argues that Chicago still has a long way to go to live up to its ideals of protecting residents’ constitutional rights.

WBEZ Updates

Immigration Shift Could Leave Midwest Behind

Experts worry that Chicago and the region could lose out if President Donald Trump gets the changes he wants to the U.S. immigration system.

WBEZ Updates

Lawyers Hope Cases Show Racial Bias In Gang Database

One judge will hear two separate cases that claim that Chicago’s gang database leads to racial profiling.

WBEZ Updates

Chicago ID Program Aims For Gender Inclusiveness

Chicago’s municipal ID program is aiming to be gender-inclusive.

WBEZ Updates

Airbnb Tax Raises Millions For Chicago Homeless Services

A year after Chicago imposed an extra tax on Airbnb rentals, it’s generating millions of dollars to help combat homelessness.

WBEZ Updates

Study: Domestic Violence Resources Lacking On South, West Sides

A new study finds inequities in where domestic violence resources are located in Chicago.

WBEZ Updates

Cabbies Protest Lenders On Underwater Loans

Cab medallion owners in Chicago say banks should do more to alleviate their financial troubles.

WBEZ Updates

Chicago Immigrant Defense Fund Helps Hundreds

Chicagoans are getting help changing their undocumented status — thanks to a special fund set up by teh city.


After Shelter Fire, Homeless Youth Face Dwindling Options

A fire shuttered Chicago’s second-largest shelter for young people. Now, staffers are trying to salvage ties with those they served.

WBEZ Updates

ACLU Urges Stronger Chicago Sanctuary Policies

A civil liberties group says Chicago’s sanctuary city law is weak.

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