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Chris Hagan

Chris Hagan

Digital Producer

Chris Hagan is a Web Producer and Data Reporter for WBEZ. He writes for the WBEZ Data Blog and produces enterprise work that uses civic data to tell stories about Chicago. Prior to joining WBEZ in 2014, Chris worked as a storyteller for Oregon State University's College of Business and as a reporter and videographer for the Statesman Journal in Salem, Oregon.

Chris has a B.S. in journalism from the University of Oregon. He grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Recent Stories


Good News For Some In Chicago’s New Income Numbers

While new Census figures show incomes rising nationally and in Chicago, the city's black households aren't sharing in the gains.

Curious City

Searching for Chicago’s Most Family-Packed Neighborhoods

A prospective Chicago parent wants to know where he could be within door-knocking distance of other families with kids. So we mapped them.

Curious City

Journey To The Heart Of Chicago

It smells like garbage and gym shoes, but, surprisingly, the city’s geographic center says a lot about Chicago’s soul.


It’s Official: Beach Season In Chicago Begins Now

More than seven million people will swim in the city's pools and beaches this summer. But some worry about the water quality.


Should Chicago Be Celebrating Demolitions?

The City of Chicago is demolishing buildings on the South and West Sides at a high rate. Where does it leave those communities?


Cook County Shows Large Population Drop

More people left Cook County and the Chicago metro area in the past year than any other, according to new Census data.


Building Up and Tearing Down

Even as demand for homes has grown, some Chicago neighborhoods haven’t added much housing or population.


The Chicago Cubs' World Series waiting game

Cubs fans talk about wanting to see just one World Series win in their lifetime. With a losing streak at 107 years, the team is getting close to not having anyone left who was alive for that last win.

Morning Shift

Got problems? Send in the data scientists.

Scientists are tackling difficult questions and coming up with innovative solutions for everything from education to energy, police misconduct to legislative plagiarism. And they’re doing it by crunching numbers. They’re called Data Scientists. They take a ton of information, and create algorithms that predict what’ll happen in the future, based on how things went down in the past. But just having the info isn’t enough to solve problems. The scientists and their numbers must be paired up with an individual or a group that can put this knowledge to good use.That’s where The Data Science for Social Good fellowship at the University of Chicago comes in. It’s the brainchild of former Obama for America Chief Scientist Rayid Ghani. Now in its third year, the fellowship connects aspiring data scientists from around the country with governments and nonprofits. One project last year crunched data to show where kids in Chicago might be at risk for lead poisoning. Here to tell us more about the fellowship are Program Director Rayid Ghani and technical mentor Joe Walsh.


Emanuel backed by tech’s most powerful players

The heads of some of America’s biggest technology companies — including Steve Jobs, Eric Schmidt and Elon Musk — give money to Rahm Emanuel’s campaigns.


Did you have trouble voting?

Did you experience any voting irregularities in Chicago? If so, use this form to tell us.


Cook County starts "virtual cemetery"

The Cook County Medical Examiner’s Office is posting information on indigent burials on the county data portal to try and reunite families with departed loved ones.

Curious City

CTA Physics: Why Buses Arrive in Bunches

A visual explainer: Why multiple buses arrive at the same stop at the same time, and why the fixes are almost as frustrating as the problem.

Curious City

The red X: Myths and meaning

The signs, placed on some of Chicago’s most dangerous vacant buildings, are meant to save lives — but is everyone getting the message? 


This gif shows just how gerrymandered Chicago is

Chicago’s 2nd Ward has grown from one of its least gerrymandered to its most over the past 80 years.


Leaked video appears to show Blue Line train derailment

A video appearing to show Monday's Blue Line train crash surfaced late Tuesday, though the identity of the poster is unknown.


How prominent Chicagoans handled their first tweet

For its 8th birthday Twitter is helping users look up their first tweet. Some are better than others.

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