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Paula Friedrich

Paula Friedrich

Interactive Producer

Paula Friedrich is an interactive producer for WBEZ, getting stories from the airwaves onto your screen. Prior to joining WBEZ, she worked with Michigan Radio’s online team as social media producer. She’s a big fan of pineapple pizza and souvenir sweatshirts.

Recent Stories

Morning Shift

Fantastic Chicago Buildings And Where To Find Them

The house from Home Alone, UIC's most confusing building, and a tomb in Lincoln Park. Find them all on this map.


We Asked The Illinois Governor Candidates 18 Yes Or No Questions

Only one completely followed the directions.

16 Shots

Ep 3: The Fallout

Protesters take to the streets. Critics attack the mayor and police department. A federal probe finds a pattern of abuse by Chicago cops.

16 Shots

Ep 2: Pattern & Practice

The fatal police shooting of Laquan McDonald aggravated longstanding tensions between Chicago police and the city’s black residents. We look at how a troubled police department spun a narrative of the shooting, how that narrative fell apart, and how the city reacted when it did.


How To Build A Cow Out Of Butter

Sculpting a cow from butter is a beloved state fair tradition. This is how it's done.


The Ultimate Nerdy Compendium

On 'Nerdette', we’ve asked Tom Hanks, Jenny Slate, Neil DeGrasse Tyson, and many more nerds to assign us homework. Here’s ALL of it.


How The Illinois Attorney General Wants To End The Budget Impasse

New legal action could keep state workers from getting paid unless state lawmakers approve a budget. Will that pressure be enough?


Nutrition, Care Hurdles For Some Chicago Runners

Long-distance running can get expensive, but one group doesn’t let the cost keep them from going the distance.


No Problem? Hundreds Leave Chance The Rapper Event Without Voting

Illinois election officials said the event could be in 'murky' territory when it comes to Illinois voting laws.


Friends Of Barbie’s Boyfriend Have Their Day

During the “Kenvention,” a hotel fills with pop-up shops selling dolls.


Are Chicago Public Schools Teachers Getting A Raise?

CPS says their contract offers teachers a raise. The teachers union says it's a pay cut. It all comes down to defining three variables.


In Alphabetical Order: The Illinois State Fair

From America and butter cows to ribbons and slides.


Chicagoland Takes On Rio

There are more than 11,000 athletes competing in this year’s games. Here are just a couple who have a reason to call Chicagoland home.


The Day Thousands Of Rubber Ducks Float Down The Chicago River

The Windy City Rubber Ducky Derby, an annual fundraiser for Special Olympics Illinois, floods the river with racing rubber ducks.

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