#1 This week’s mission: ATM now stands for “Always Trust Magic”

#1 This week’s mission: ATM now stands for “Always Trust Magic”

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I do most of my writing at a coffeehouse in the neighborhood. I sit at the same table, same chair, facing the same direction. When I look up from my computer, I look straight out the window to an ATM across the street; that’s my view. All this to say that I spend a fair amount of time staring into space (thinking about whatever I’m working on, writing about) with those 3 letters as some kind of subliminal wallpaper.

And this is how I decided that ATM will no longer stand for Automated Teller Machine. Where’s the poetry in that? I’ve decided that ATM stands for Always Trust Magic.

(Ed. note - don’t skip the video. It’s under 2 minutes. Amy did an awesome job putting it together. Just trust me: watch it.)

ATM: Always Trust Magic from WBEZ on Vimeo.

MISSION: To kick off this brand new blog (yeah! brand new blog!) in a big way, I say we all leave anonymous, little notes taped to the ATM’s we use as a way to surprise and delight the next person who arrives there. We can write our notes on post-its, on ATM receipts, on napkins, even on dollar bills. Write whatever you want as long as it’s nice. And as long as you don’t try to sell anybody anything — this is meant to be a no strings attached act. And we all sign our notes the same way: ATM = Always Trust Magic.

SHARE: Share your experience by writing the note and uploading photos or video to our flickr page. (even just from a phone). You can also e-mail them here: missionamykr@vocalo.org.

Off we go…

miss amy k.r.