#10 Who's Up For Going Nowhere Fast?

#10 Who's Up For Going Nowhere Fast?

Okay everyone, get ready for a super BIG, super FUN mission this week...

Everything you need to know is presented in this short film (minute and a half)


What you do now:

1. Put your favorite donut request in the comment section.

2. Spread the word to all nice Chicagoans.

3. Meet me at 9:45 am sharp Saturday morning at Belmont "L" station (945 W. Belmont)

Off we go! (sfx of train here....)

miss amy k.r.

p.s. ‚ and here is the Wishing Video Justin and I put together end of last week...I don't think a lot of you saw it, and because I think it turned out to be one of the most important/special missions yet, sharing it again. (Music by Wilco).