#11 Video: We Went Somewhere Fast! In The Snow! With Donuts!

#11 Video: We Went Somewhere Fast! In The Snow! With Donuts!

I begin this post with a happy, "can-you-believe-what-just-happened" sigh. We did it, Chicago! We took that round-trip ride around the city together! And it was kind of amazing, don't you think?

I am going to create a short film out of our experience (and share it here of course) but it will take me a good couple weeks. In the meantime, here's some video from one of the sing-a-longs, featuring musician Nick Gage on the ukelele.

So for this week's mission, I'd like to to ask those of you who partook in the adventure to please share (via the comment section) anything and everything you can about the experience.


What was going on in your head during our train ride? what brought you there? did you have expectations about it? were they met? did you make a new friend? do you know how psyched and grateful I was/am that so many of you took a chance and dove blindly into the unknown? did you like your donut?!


Feel free to use the comment section to reach out to one another, reconnect... you know, sort of like Craigslist's "Missed Connections" section. :)


Justin (who you now know by face) has set up this flickr page for any photos or film you'd like to share. We want it all!


So much buzzing around in my mind about our time together...here are a few mental snapshots:

  • Learning that this was the FIRST EVER train ride for quite a few of you.
  • From how far some of you came (McHenry! Naperville! Lake Zurich!)
  • Our sing-a-long! Nick playing Beatles songs on his ukelele!
  • Steve Edwards sweet cameo.
  • Having my childhood neighbor unexpectedly show up. (We played in the sandbox together for countless hours back in those days; this sort of felt like that again, didn't it Jack?)
  • The babies and small children who accompanied us (our official mascots)
  • _________ bursting out into George Michael's "Faith" song!
  • Walking out onto the street at the end, after you had all left, and seeing this message that one of you
    wrote in the chalk I had handed out: COME TOGETHER RIGHT NOW.

That pretty much sums it up.

(For those of you new to this blog, here is the "Let's Go Nowhere Fast Together" film invitation that was launched a week ago today.)

Thank you again for coming out to play... See you back here Wednesday for some Elevating Music...

miss amy k.r.