#13 And now it’s time for…American Idle!

#13 And now it’s time for…American Idle!

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We’re going to shift gears this week… specifically, we’re going to shift into idle. The mission is simple: To. Do. Nothing.

(photo by Marim)

But I don’t mean the squandering time kind of nothing; I mean the thoughtfully crafted and savored kind of nothing.

Like swinging quietly in a hammock; or sitting at your kitchen table with nothing in your hand but a cup of coffee; or even just sitting in your car for a few extra minutes before walking in the door at the end of the day. Anything that slows down your heart rate and your mind. I hesitated to give these examples for fear of setting you down a certain path; you’re the only one who knows exactly what kind of nothingness you need.

As you set out to do nothing this week, please keep in mind:

a) Your act of doing nothing must be expectation-free and agenda-free.


b) Please do nothing by Thursday 5 pm. (that sounds funny, doesn’t it)

I’m hoping you will share your experiences in the comment section both as a document of this “group non-activity” and as a way to inspire your fellow reader/neighbor.

Off we go…


P.S. A big Big BIG thank you to Lisa Coughlin for creating and running the show (and tell) last week. I love what shook down here under her watch. She for sure gets a gold star!