#15 This week's mission: Polaroids! Last week's mission: Cartwheels!!! (video)

#15 This week's mission: Polaroids! Last week's mission: Cartwheels!!! (video)

Good morning, fellow humans. You'll find two, two things in today's post:

a) the video I made over the weekend from all the fabulous cartwheel footage you sent in!

and b) the new mission of course.

Let's start with b.

I got this funky cool new Polaroid camera that slides out mini photos, like the size of a business card. ‚ So how's this: You all come up with fun ideas of where I should go/what I should do, and I'll take that polaroid! As long as it's viable (here in Chicago) and it's PG-13, I'm game.

Maybe you want me to pose in front of The Bean sculpture (at Millennium Park) with chips and bean dip? Or in front of a stop sign holding a piece of paper that says "Stop _______". Or dressed from head to toe in purple holding a magic wand? If you can conceive, and I can execute it, I'll do it!

Leave all your ideas in the handy comment section, please!

(Of course, I'll post all the photos here on Friday... and I might do something else with them, stay tuned...)

And now a, the new video! Thank you all so much! I have to dedicate this new film to my gymnastic-fantastic nephew Andy whose birthday is today, right this very minute, and who also harnessed his entire school into doing cartwheels as you'll see in a moment... Happy 13th Birthday, Andy!!!

Cartwheels with the Universe from Amy Krouse Rosenthal on Vimeo.

off we go,

miss amy k.r.