#17 Let’s wish each other good luck!

#17 Let’s wish each other good luck!

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The last few missions have had an “outward” nature to them, like go out and do x, y or z, and then we’ll regroup about it later. (x being the Cartwheel Mission, y being the Polaroid Mission, z being the Synchronized Texting Mission.)

So this week we’re gonna spend the whole week huddling around home base, more specifically, connecting with each other in comment section land.

MISSION: I’d like you to think of something that you need good luck with/on, and ask for it. And in return, you’ll wish the person right before you good luck. Simple as that. Sort of like we’re trading personalized “good luck” yelps.

You’ll see Justin Kaufmann and I have kicked things off… just take it from there…

And here’s the soundtrack to this week’s mission, a super fun song by Secret Agent 23 Skidoo titled “Luck.”