#22 Imagine Nation: We are so writing a children’s book together!

#22 Imagine Nation: We are so writing a children’s book together!

OMG‚ I’m so excited about this idea, this week’s mission:

We’re going to write a children’s book together!

I’ve been tossing around the idea of a book called “Imagine Nation” for a while. Imagine Nation is an amazing place to live because when you imagine something good/cool/wonderful/revolutionary — poof — it comes to be! (Fortunately for all residents, if someone accidentally (or maliciously) imagines something NOT good, it simply won’t happen.)

I’m going to tell you a few of the ideas I have for the book/story in a moment, and then in the comment section to your left, I invite you all to share your ideas big and small! Then I will craft this into an actual children’s book! And every single one of us will be the authors! (and credited as such).

I’m not sure yet if this would be something I would take to one of my editors/publishers, or if we should self-publish this on Lulu.com. Also not sure about illustrating: one of the illustrators I currently work with? One of you, someone who’s looking to break into the business? The other undecided detail is proceeds: donate to charity? Set up a Mission Amy K.R. fund that we use for subsequent projects and missions? Start a scholarship fund? I’m open to your thoughts on these topics but I think I’m getting ahead of myself. (Can you tell I’m excited?)

Okay, so here are some ideas about Imagine Nation… and can I just say also how right it feels that a book titled “Imagine Nation” would be written by our collective imaginations?!

* Imagine Nation’s flag is always gently waving…literally… because the flag depicts the founder of Imagine Nation smiling and waving hello.

* One of the most famous monuments is the Leaning Tower of Pizza.

* Because everyone thinks outside the box there, presents are wrapped on the OUTSIDE of the box. Yep.

* There are magical erasers in every office and school so if you’re having a bad day you get to erase things and just start over.

* Above all else, they value kindness towards their fellow citizens, and they put their money where their mouth is: the top position of the land is the “Presidentist.” In addition to ruling Imagine Nation, he/she also makes sure everyone’s smile is healthy and bright.

* The bridges are made of actual rainbows! Are we ready to create the first children’s book of its kind? Yes? Me too! Off we go!