#27 Get ready for 7/07: LOL Day

#27 Get ready for 7/07: LOL Day

Have you ever noticed that 7/07 upside down is LOL?

Me too! Which is why today is, according to all of us here at Mission Amy K.R., officially Laugh Out Loud Day!

Here’s what that means:

Share something funnyfunnyfunny in the comment section. A joke, a short funny anecdote, a link to a video, anything at all as long as it has the power/potential to make one of us laugh. It will sort of be like our own little comedy club, minus the two drink minimum.

And to get you all in the right mood, check this out. John Cleese in India talking about Laughter Yoga. A 100% real thing. It’s awesome.

p.s. Stay tuned for the World Cup Cakes video… it’s almost ready!

p.s.s. And to the Shenandoah Children’s Lit Conference: the “Text Book” is nearly complete as well.

Hope to have it posted here tomorrow!