#29: New! Apology phone line now activated

#29: New! Apology phone line now activated

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Mission #30 begins with this short video about (and titled) Kindness:

Some of you may have seen that before; many have not. But I wanted to share it again here because:

a) I think the Toronto-based design group Thought Bubble did such an amazing job bringing that essay to life. And

b) it is the bridge that lead me, Mark and Corey (more on Mark and Corey later) to a talk about the “underbelly” of kindness. What I mean by that is, what about the times when you just can’t rally your Better Self and you find yourself being kind of…not kind?

Not-kindness comes in so many flavors. A passive-aggressive comment to a relative. A rude bark to customer service from behind the safety shield of your phone. An envy-induced jab to a co-worker. Or take it back a couple decades to a memory that haunts you of full-on, unmitigated middle school meanness.

Which is why Mission Amy K.R. has set up an Anonymous Apology Line.

Call 312-948-4662 and put your apology out there. We believe that act alone will have many positive, healing ripples.

Feel free to also use the comment section if a public apology feels like the right thing for you. Conversely, if you’ve been wanting to apologize to someone directly for a long time, perhaps use the momentum of this week’s mission to actually reach out to that individual through a letter, phone call, or face-to-face encounter.

Yes, absolutely, let’s all keep on with the random acts of kindness. But let’s also practice purposeful acts of making amends.