3 at 3: Three ways to find your one true love (or…someone that works just fine for now)

3 at 3: Three ways to find your one true love (or…someone that works just fine for now)

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Everyday on Afternoon Shift with Steve Edwards, WBEZ producers and staff will pop in to share their “3 at 3”-three things that are keeping us intrigued, entertained, annoyed or just distracting us throughout the day (insider secret: the segment actually starts about 2:50 pm but this is radio, not military time). Today, in the spirit of the red shirt I’m wearing (which is in the spirit of Valentine’s Day), I’m featuring three things that can help smooth your path to love:

1. Helen Fisher: Biological anthropologist. Those are two words that would normally lose me, but not this time. Fisher’s work is awesome. Steve suggested her for today’s show because she researches the science of attraction-why we choose (or run from) the partners we do. Being Valentine’s Day and all, she’s booked up, but plans to join us in the future. She’s behind chemistry.com, and created a personality test that helps assess what kind of partner you are and what kind of person those traits attract. Listen to her explain some of her findings in this TED video:

2. OKC Loves The Wire: This Twitter feed culls the free online dating site OkCupid for profiles that mention the critically-acclaimed TV series The Wire. (Check out Omar on Wikipedia Files). Some are hilarious and might make you consider them for a date. Others? Not so much.

3. Bibio: “Lover’s Carvings”. I don’t know much about this guy-just that he’s a British DJ and released a new album last year. I heard this song somewhere, Shazam’d it and loved it! It starts out slow and sweet-very cinematic, then halfway through becomes an entirely different song-upbeat, globally-infused and pop-y. And, with that title, how could you go wrong on a day like today.

Enjoy and Happy Valentine’s Day! Leave any of your suggestions for finding true love in the comments section below.