#32 This week's mission: Operation Parenthood

#32 This week's mission: Operation Parenthood

Years ago, while traveling with my then-very-young children, I struck up a conversation about parenting with a wise-old-owl type. His kids were all grown and producing nice little grandchildren for him. Parched as I was for parental epiphanies that I could pocket and integrate, I was eager to hear his perspective. What he shared with me turned out to be, for one reason or another, something that has really stayed with me throughout my parenting journey.

Jump ahead 7 years; now we're at now. That man's advice has inspired this week's mission and this 51-second video (though the word play, for better or worse, is something I came up with as a way to impart his message).

So start by watching this:

And now, in the comment section, won't you share a piece of parenting advice that has mattered and made a difference in your own journey?

It could be something you read. ‚ A personal anecdote. A piece of advice.‚ A quote you keep on your fridge or bureau. Anything.

I will then assemble these gems into a video or booklet for you all.

While I'm not sure which format is best yet, I do know the title: Parenthetical Thoughts.



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