#32b State of our union address

#32b State of our union address

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(photo by Aidan Jones)

Hello kind readers--- those of you who are new to Mission Amy K.R., and those of you have been here since January day one; those of you who swing by daily, and those of you who pop in here and there…

We have been trying some new stuff here the last couple weeks. ‚ You may or may not have noticed. ‚ But I think now’s a good time to explain what’s what.

1. We have brought on two interns, or, as we dotingly call one other, Mission Specialists. Corey and Mark first introduced themselves here last week. Everyone wave and say hi to Corey and Mark…

2. Last week we tried shaking things up a bit by offering more of what you’ve been coming here for: missions. So we posted a bunch of unrelated, mini-missions throughout the week. We quickly realized/decided that it felt like major overload. Tell us if you disagree. So:

3. We are returning to our original format, with a slight shift. As always, we will post a big, juicy mission on Monday morning. We will then “riff on that theme” throughout the week, posting a little something each morning that will hopefully enhance the current mission and keep things fresh and sparkly.

4. And for your convenience, the missions are now chronologically numbered.  See that #32b up in the heading? And all throughout the archives?) We like order. It gives us the comforting illusion that we have a bit of control on this earth.

5. That’s it for now. We hope you, our cherished community, will pipe in over yonder in the comment section. ‚ And by cherished community, I sincerely mean just that; you guys have made Mission Amy K.R. what it is. We thank you and want to keep rocking this together for as long as possible.

Signing off with a song that ties into this week’s parenting theme; Will Smith wrote it for his son Jayden. ‚ It’s sweet and smart. [audio:/sites/default/files/archives/blogs//just-the-2-of-us.mp3|titles=just the 2 of us]

ever yours,