#33 Let's create a brilliant advertising campaign together!

#33 Let's create a brilliant advertising campaign together!

I think at this point, we've figured out that we all work really well together. Just a quick stroll through the archives will confirm that. It's amazing, and exciting actually, seeing what is possible when we harness our collective energy and ideas.

So what do you say we roll up our sleeves and create the coolest advertising campaign ever? I love that we'd simultaneously be the client, the end-users and the advertising agency!

Let's make posters. and short videos. and jingles. and bumper stickers. and radio commercials... and... and... and... Just choose a category/medium that appeals to you and go for it! Don't over think it.

Just try to tap into what it is that you dig about Mission Amy K.R. and create from there. Think: breakthrough, fun, and genuine.

What now? Simply create it and send it to us... OR, if you feel it's an idea that you can't execute yourself, share it in comment section and we can consider creating.

We're kicking things off with this poster idea (by Mission Specialist Corey!), and this short video promo above. And I'm in the throes of filming a renegade commercial idea on the streets of Chicago this week. Stay tuned!

off we go!