#33a And brought to you by...

#33a And brought to you by...

Commercials can be annoying. Jingles get in your head and won't leave. Images of just what you're trying to avoid flash across the screen and in an instant your diet is undone or the children are enchanted with the proverbial bells and whistles. And this could be for your own inner child as well. Like it or not, commercials work.

The mission this week involves tapping into this power to compel, a skill we all use in varying ways every day, whether it's to compel ourselves, each other, or even the kitty to come out of hiding. The task can sometimes be daunting, overwhelming even. But sometimes it can be very, very easy.

This seatbelt commercial is one of the most powerful, touching commercials I've ever seen. As you can see, it's all very simple. As you find yourself this week thinking about the mission and what Mission Amy KR means to you, don't forget what you've been told before, that sometimes things are much simpler than you think. I find this especially so when I'm dealing with something I care about. After re-reading every mission, every post, and even some of your blogs, I was overwhelmed with material for the poster. It is very clear how much you all care; your words, photos, and videos are a testimony to just a bit of wonderful happening in this corner of the interweb.

Most Sincerely,

Corey Mission Specialist