#34a My life in six-words (and 7 notes)

#34a My life in six-words (and 7 notes)

I'm so digging the six-word memoirs over there (me pointing left) in comment section. Aren't you? I hope many more of you will send yours along. It's quite meditative, actually, to pause and think about how to describe your life (or state of mind) in six little words.

Here's mine:

i really like to make things.

In fact, the very first video I ever made (about two years ago) was titled "17 things i made." Maybe you've seen it (it's what ultimately led to the "Beckoning of Lovely") but here it is in case you haven't and wish to view:

And in this week of numerical existentialism, seems relevant to share this TEDx talk I gave titled "7 notes on life." I think you'll recognize many of the themes we toss about here at Mission Amy K.R. (BTW, speaking at this conference was for sure a thrill, but man, was I nervous when I first got up there... )

6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, go!