#35: Be a pal

#35: Be a pal

Raise your hand if you were at Lollapalooza this weekend.

Wasn’t it just fantastic?!

During one of the shows Saturday, with the Lollapalooza banner across the top of the stage, I noticed this about the first three syllables of the word:


And doesn’t that totally define what the festival is all about: Laughter! Music! Friends!

(Work with me here… I mean, I thought that was kinda cool. And I wonder if the concert promoters ever noticed that…)

So here’s today’s mission: If you were at the festival this weekend, be a pal and let us all know which bands blew you away. I will then cross-reference the comments and create a LOL-LA-PAL-ooza Top (20)10 Bands playlist and post it later in the week. To kick things off, I’ve put my top list in the comment section.