#35a Be a pal...to yourself

#35a Be a pal...to yourself

Be A Pal week, continues... I'm going to skip the introductory prose-y meanderings and cut right to the chase. Watch this. It's likely to be the most well spent four minutes of your day:

Wow, right?

I was about 21 when I first began really exploring the "being alone" terrain. I mean, exploring beyond the obvious: being alone in one's room, in one's space, in one's journal, in one's head, etc. I remember the first time I went out to dinner by myself, something that seemed weird and unfathomable one day, and then thoroughly awesome the next. How empowering it is to dine by oneself. And how humbling it is to realize that not only do other diners not stare, they pretty much don't even notice.

Soon I was hooked. I began traveling by myself. The irony is, in an effort to traverse foreign soil solo, I ended up making more friends than if I had embarked on my journey with a couple friends by my side. I remember at one point on a boat from Italy to Greece, making a conscious effort to resist befriending the fellow backpackers sitting nearby.

There's one memory that anchors and summarizes all of this: I distinctly remember being on a train in Paris and thinking (and this is some 20 plus years ago) "Amy, meet Amy." It was one of those rare and treasured kinds of awakening that actually split time, dividing your personal history into a "before" and "after" from that moment on.

So now... bringing things back down to earth (specifically, the comment section), won't you please share some of your most powerful "being alone" experiences, memories, epiphanies. We'd all like to hear.

your pal,