#36a How to save summer

#36a How to save summer

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Mark Saving SummerMark Saves Summer (photo by Mark Munger)

The summer-a-sault

If I’m not mistaken, summer comes to an end because our part of the earth tilts away from the sun. I’m no scientist, but my guess is that this happens because all those darned kangaroos in Australia keep jumping up and down in an endless assault on the bottom half of this world, forcing it to lean in the other direction.

As I often do, I found myself puzzling over ways we could prevent the kangaroos from trampling over our summer. I thought that, in the interest of not freezing, we could organize our own Summer-a-sault. I figure that if all of us jump at one time, we can save ourselves from the trials of yet another steely cold winter. Given my own research, the best time for this would be right after dinner… say… 7:30.

But, in case this doesn’t work (though my hunch seems pretty sound to me) you should probably get to work on figuring out what you want to do before winter comes a-wintering. Will you read the book you bought for the beach? Will you make your own kite and fly it? Learn to milk a cow? Share your end-of-summer bucket list here.