#37b John Williams’ F*ck It list

#37b John Williams’ F*ck It list

John Williams

Do you all know John Williams, as in the John Williams Radio Show on WGN? Those of you who are nodding yes then already know what I’m about to say: John is amaaaaaaaaaazing.

Glance at this real quick please:

The John Williams Show.

He’s supremely good at what he does. And to boot, he’s a true gentleman. Smart, interesting, nice—that’s the coveted “human character” hat trick right there, isn’t it. And one more thing before we share his list; this from intern and Mission Specialist Mark Munger:

I was at one time an intern for WGN. While I was there, John Williams nearly ran me over on a daily basis. He prepped for his show with such dedication that he almost missed it…every day; and so here he’d come racing down the hall. I always thought they should fit him out with a siren. Someone with a mind like that, who can forget about everything but what he is doing, I thought, must really know what to put on a f*ck it list. I was right.

And now, John Williams’ F*ck It list…

Passwords. The list of websites, programs and computers I can’t use because I can’t remember the right password (in three guesses, or else!) grows daily. Usernames. Ditto. Protection plans. If something I just bought breaks, because it’s badly made, shouldn’t the warranty cover it? Vehicle stickers. The service I’m getting for this fee is what again? Mosquitoes. Shows that feature housewives. Ditto shows that feature Snooky. The importance we’re giving Sarah Palin. The fact that Elite and Liberal have been hijacked and are now bad things. Climate change deniers. Calling President Obama “Barry.” Meetings. Texting in meetings. Cell phoning in restaurants. Airline fees. The strawberry-flavored Starburst, the green Ju Ju Bee, and any version of a Snicker bar that isn’t a Snicker bar. Finally, that sinking feeling I get when Blago goes on national TV representing Illinois.

Thank you so much for coming by, John! And yo: you can hear John on WGN radio in Chicago‚ from 12:30-3:30, and on WCCO in‚ Minneapolis‚ from 9:00-12:00.

If you would like to add your F*ck it list, do so here!