#37c Torey Malatia’s f*ck it list

#37c Torey Malatia’s f*ck it list

After guest appearances from our favorite advice columnist, Amy Dickinson, and our favorite talker, John Williams, our f*ck it list mission marches on like a f*ck list mission should. For today’s list we decided to march right on upstairs to Tory Malatia’s office. (“Worry about my job?” That’s on my list). You don’t make it up there without knowing what to put on a f*ck it list.

As president and chief executive officer, Torey oversees all day-to-day operations and programming and production decisions at Chicago Public Media. Under his leadership, WBEZ has developed The Third Coast International Audio Festival in 2000, Sound Opinions, in 2005, Wait, Wait… Don’t Tell Me! a co-production with National Public Radio in Washington, D.C. in 1998. And of course, This American Life with Ira Glass.

Here is Torey’s list:

Five things I hope I never have to do:

1) Work in a dental floss research facility

2) Be an infomercial pitchman for DynaBroom

3) Refill paint troughs for IDOT road stripers

4) Manage a global hayseed business

5) Become a talent agent booking Birthday Clowns.

Of course the best lists are coming in from you. Check them out here, and write your own if you haven’t yet.