#38 Ringing in the new week

#38 Ringing in the new week

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Like last week, this week’s mission begins with a short video. Can we dim the lights please? Here we go…

So, two ways to play along this week:

1. Pop over to the comment section and let us know just what it is that rings YOUR bell. And keep an eye/ear open the rest of the day (and week) for moments when you’d ring away, if such was the norm; I encourage you to share more “bell-ringing-moments” here throughout the week.

2. If you want to be part of a secret bell-ringing mission later this week, email me. I will reveal the secret agent details to you individually (and you can then decide if you do indeed want to be a part of it or not — zero obligation).

email missionamykr@vocalo.org

This all clear as a bell? :)