#38a Ring us up!

#38a Ring us up!

What’s Ringing Our Bells: Part II

So dang (or should I say ding), you guys are leaving such great stuff in the comment section. (And I love the pattern that’s naturally emerged here, with your bell-ringing moments followed by the word DING!)

This whole thing is feeling like rich terrain, and it’s propelled me to expand upon our idea… and come up with one more way to play along.

In addition to the comment section (which we’ll keep open indefinitely), we’ve now set up a What-Rings-Your-Bell Hotline! You can share your list by simply ringing us up at 312-948-4662 any time of day or night.

I intend to then craft something with this audio, your voice mail messages… most likely a video which I’ll post here later.

I can’t wait to hear from you…


P.S. again, here’s the 2-minute video that started it all