4 Victims Identified In Deadly Home Invasion On Far South Side

4 Victims Identified In Deadly Home Invasion On Far South Side

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Dinah Jackson is mourning the loss of her brother, sister and niece, who were all killed in a Saturday afternoon shooting on Chicago’s Far South Side.

The home invasion left four people dead and another woman — Jackson’s niece — in the hospital, according to authorities.

“I ain’t saying my family’s so special, but they’re mine,” Jackson said through tears. “You know the way they killed them, they didn’t deserve it. Nobody deserves that.”

The Cook County Medical Examiner’s office on Tuesday identified the four victims as Scott Thompson, 45; Elijiah Jackson, 36; Shacora Jackson, 40 and Nateyah Hines, 19.

All but Thompson lived at the home on the 100 block of West 105th Street in Chicago, according to the medical examiner’s office.

Dinah Jackson said the home belonged to her mother until she died in March.

“My momma told me to take care of them,” Jackson said. “She told me to take care of her babies. She made me promise. And I tried. I tried to do everything I could. They were about to move in two weeks. My niece wanted to be a damn veterinarian. She was so precious.”

Police continue to investigate the shooting. In a statement, the Chicago Police Department said the shooting does not appear to have been a random incident and may have been domestic related.

Jackson said she doesn’t know why someone would do this to her family. She said she doesn’t want people to “assume the worst” about her family because they were victimized in such a way.

“I hope that somebody who feels like they have the urge to do something like this would turn to God, or that my words or my pain would help them know this ain’t the way,” Jackson said.

Police said a 2-year-old child was in the house during the shootings but was not physically hurt. Police said the boy was taken to a hospital for monitoring.

Jackson said the toddler was the son of her now-dead sister.

“What do we tell my nephew?” Jackson said. “He didn’t even want his sister’s to watch him. He was so attached to his mom.”

Jackson said she worries about the long-term impact on the boy.

“He only had a pull-up (diaper) on and he was covered in blood,” Jackson said. “We don’t know the repercussions behind that now. They’re trying to set him up for therapy or see what’s what, but, oh my God.”

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