#40 Variety show: Balloon video and a new clue to find a bell

#40 Variety show: Balloon video and a new clue to find a bell

We've got a little variety show for you today here at Mission Amy K.R.

1.  Remember when I told you that I was going to attach all your f*ck it lists to helium balloons and send them up to be heard by the powers that be?   (Mission #37 "Letting Go of Our Lists")  Well, mission accomplished!  This was so fun to do!  And thanks again to special guests Amy Dickinson, John Williams and our very own Torey Malatia.

2.   About this week's Money Tree mission:  holy moly, that video is having a bit of a viral moment.   As the YouTube views climb, so do the comments.  Most are interesting and good.  However, I am saddened and appalled to say that there have been some very racist comments about who will take the money and who won't (again, this is directly on the YouTube comments, not here on our blog comments).  I have a side mission for those of you who can spare a moment today:  swing by the video on YouTube (link here) and if you see a rude, racist, unsavory comment, please stand up for the rest of us/humanity who won't tolerate that.  I am doing the best I can to delete those comments as they come in but I'm not sure I'm able to keep up.  Thank you.

3.   Lastly, turning back to last week's Ring Your Bell mission.  We have another fabulous Secret Agent who has successfully hidden a bell in her home town.   So those of you on the east coast... on your marks, get set,  GO!

SECRET AGENT:  Meghan  (thank you again, Meghan!)

LOCATION:  Boyertown, PA

CLUES:  I am hidden in the place were Jolly Old Saint Nick sits on his throne of ice every year. Come take a seat on my bench it has a great view of town. Come say hi to Patsy and her Potpourri of Gifts.

That's it for today.

Those of us celebrating the Jewish New Year, here's to a sweet one...