#41 Introducing Positive Pranking!

#41 Introducing Positive Pranking!

We have been waiting for just the right moment to launch this mission and new video… and today is the day!

The 3-minute video explains all.

Oh, and real quick, about my partner-in-non-crime in the film, Mark Malkoff.  Did you hear about the guy who recently did a 5-day “Internet Cleanse” by locking himself in his tiny bathroom? And the guy who spent a week living in an Ikea store?  And the guy who wanted to see if he could be carried across the entire island/city of Manhattan…by total strangers?  That’s Mark, Mark, and Mark!

And now, here is our shiny new mission!

Here are some easy ways you can join us in the Positive Pranking movement:
a)  Share additional Positive Pranking ideas in the comment section… the more great ideas we can get out there, the better for us all.

b)  Share this mission link and video with anyone you think will dig and appreciate.

c) And of course: do one of the ideas mentioned in the video, and tell us about it!

Off we go!


p.s. Special shout out to our buddy John Green who is rallying his Nerdfighter troops to participate in this week’s mission.  Everyone say hi John… (Hi John!)   johngreenbooks.com

p.p.s Music credits: 1) “Music for a Found Harmonium” by Penguin Cafe Orchestra; 2) “Be Kind” by Nick Gage