#43c Sometimes there are no words

#43c Sometimes there are no words

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* * *

Excuse me, but how awesome are Mission Specialists Mark and Corey?

Very, right?

They've brought so much goodness to Mission Amy K.R. these past three months. You've of course seen their work front and center in this very space, but they've also contributed in a truckload of behind-the-scene ways.

In short, they rocked it.

Thank you, Mark.  Thank you, Corey.

Won't you all join me over in the comment section now and send Mark and Corey off with your good wishes?

And in the spirit of sometimes there just are no words, I share this amazing Radiolab video in your honor.

One more thing. Per Mark's imagery from yesterday's post, I hope you both know that our door here is always open...



p.s. Amy and John Green will be presenting their Spectacular Creative Endeavor, tomorrow.  So if you're in or near Waupaca, WI, or if you're itching for a road trip, head on out and say "hello."