#44a Seven kinda important things you may not know

#44a Seven kinda important things you may not know

1.  Many of you suggested this.  And I'm looking forward to seeing how this plays out: Mission Amy K.R. is going to a once-a-week format.  I'll continue introducing big new shiny missions here each Monday, but I'm going to chill on the smaller, tangential posts throughout the week.  Occasionally-- like now, today--I will pop in with a new post, but by and large we're going with the alliteration-friendly "Mission Mondays."

2.   This Sunday night!  A special happening!  Live in Chicago!  It's The Beckoning of Lovely: 10/10/10 at 10:10 pm.  Join us at The Bean sculpture in Millennium Park. This is an all-ages thing (and it's only about 20 minutes long).   Here is the 2-minute video invite with key info. If you're even thinking of coming, please watch this first and then rsvp in the comment section here.


3.   And you know who will be joining me there Sunday? Tootsie Pop Positive Prankster John Green! Even though John is, as most of you know, a major rock star  with multiple titles (award-winning author, Vlog Brothers co-creator, Nerdfighter) I'm going with his T.P.P.P. title just to keep it real.

4.   Mission Amy K.R. contains no artificial sweeteners, no gluten, and no MSG!

5.   You can subscribe to Mission Amy K.R. (meaning it will magically appear in your inbox each week) simply by clicking on that link in the right-hand sidebar... see where it says "Email Updates"?  Okay, now just click on our purple link and you're home free.

6.   Your GraFEETi messages are fantastic.  I mean, ridiculously fantastic. I'll be back with a video sometime next week.  Hope to do you all proud.

7.   Most of all, and don't ever forget this:

(click here for message)

See you on Monday (or Sunday night at the Bean!)