The Esquire of Oak Street

The Esquire of Oak Street

(photo by Lee Bey)

There is a fringe benefit of our current economic downturn: the Esquire Theater--architect William Pereira's chic, but shuttered movie house on Oak Street--is still standing, even if it has been dark for four years. That's because redevelopment plans for the site, which included demolishing the building have not yet come to fruition.

Meanwhile, let's dream a little. If I were Bill Gates-rich, I'd buy the theater and restore the interior to its single-screen Art Moderne glory. The theater was built in 1938, so let's show classic movies from the period in our newly stored gem. I'll start, then its your turn in the comments section: Gilda (1946) starring old school hottie Rita Hayworth:

Alfred Hitchcock's Suspicion (1941)

And for pure nuttiness, The Marx Bros., in The Big Store (1941):

Your turn.