A brief chat with local celebrity Lauren Fritz

A brief chat with local celebrity Lauren Fritz
A brief chat with local celebrity Lauren Fritz

A brief chat with local celebrity Lauren Fritz

Many of you may heard about the latest salvo fired in the War on Christmas, this time by FOX Chicago’s own Robin Robinson. (I won’t repeat what she said, but if for some reason you read this blog with your tiny child, perhaps you should skip today’s post.)

I’m proud to say that my lovely cousin, Lauren Fritz, got not one but two opportunities to share her thoughts on the matter when Ms. Robinson asked her opinion while out in the field. As you can tell from the first clip (at 2:01), Lauren was obviously very familiar with the subject matter at hand, was prepared to talk about it and had very strong opinons on the topic. WFLD’s editors recognized a firebrand when they saw one, used that incredibly valuable clip and then included a follow-up from Lauren at 2:34. You can see her moments in the spotlight below:

I wanted to give Lauren the chance to speak more about her experience:

Is Santa Real? FOX Chicago News Anchor Robin Robinson Apologizes For Saying He’s Not: MyFoxCHICAGO.com

Where were you when you encountered FOX news?

I had just walked out of work and was on my way to the El with 3 bags and 2 rolls of wrapping paper in my hands.

Did you actually have an opinion at the time on the Robin Robinson/Santa thing?

Not really. I don’t know what child watches the 9pm news with their parents anyway. If you still believe in Santa Claus then 9pm is probably past your bedtime. I do think it’s traumatizing for a little kid to find out that there’s no Santa Claus, but really, they’re going to find out at some point eventually.

Which portion of your interview better reflects the real Lauren? Be honest.

The second part with the hand gestures. I’m big on hand gestures.

Looking back, what could you say now to the Lauren Fritz of long ago who is speaking in that video?

I’d tell Lauren that if someone comes up to you with a video camera and asks for your comment, say no.

Would you say anything differently if you were interviewed today and had time to prepare? Also would you style yourself differently? (I like the festive red coat).
I’d probably say “What?! Santa isn’t real???”

I’d probably still wear the red coat, but I’d show the wrapping paper I had just purchased to prove my holiday spirit and I’d have my contacts in.

And there you have it. Real talk from one of Chicago’s most inflammatory, passionate talking heads. I hope you could handle it.