A Committee Clears the Name of Medill’s Dean

A Committee Clears the Name of Medill’s Dean

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Northwestern’s provost announced the dean of the Medill School of Journalism will remain in his position. John Lavine has been criticized for not being able to produce names of students he quoted in Medill’s alumni magazine. An appointed committee of journalists concluded that Lavine didn’t fabricate the quotes.

Grad student Frank Carlson says he isn’t surprised with the committee conclusion, especially over a letter in an alumni magazine.

CARLSON: There’s a context for the story. There’s a context in which it was written.

Fellow grad student Molly Seltzer doesn’t think the issue is completely over. She says some students and faculty aren’t happy with the way things are going at the school.

SELTZER: I think you’re always going to have people looking for something to talk about in terms of criticizing the dean.

Most students seem happy to be moving past the bad publicity.