Alderman Bernie Stone’s Son Announces Run for Chicago Mayor

Alderman Bernie Stone’s Son Announces Run for Chicago Mayor

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The son of a longtime Chicago alderman says he’s going to run for mayor in next year’s election. But he’s not counting on any help from his father.

Jay Stone is the 53-year-old son of Bernie Stone - an alderman since 1973. When Jay told his dad he was going to run for mayor, he said the alderman was “none too pleased.”

STONE: We might go through a bumpy time, but he’s still my father and I love him.

Alderman Stone says he has “no comment…whatsoever” on his son’s candidacy. This isn’t the first time that the younger Stone, who works as a hypnotherapist, is campaigning without his father’s support. Stone ran for alderman of the 32nd ward in 2003. He collected just a quarter of the vote, but got a $75,000 settlement from the city, after an independent monitor found that city workers helped defeat him.

Stone says if he led Chicago, the city would be more transparent than under Mayor Richard Daley, who hasn’t said if he’s running for a sixth full term. To get on the ballot, Stone will need to collect signatures from more than 12,000 registered voters.