Alderman Ed Bus weighs in on “Anchor-gate”

Alderman Ed Bus weighs in on “Anchor-gate”

Alderman Ed Bus finally gets his big break and Robert Feder destroys it! The word on the street is that the infamous Walter E. Smithe commercial featuring local celebrities and television anchors saluting the mayor has been pulled. All because Bob Sirott and Rob Johnson made the mistake of telling the world that they have man-crushes on Mayor Daley.

This Walter E. Smithe Brothers commercial is the most controversial commercial since…well, I don’t know. I’m sure Eddie & Jobo did something worse at some point? The commercial features a bunch of local television anchors saluting Mayor Daley, direct to camera. Best part? This is the embed below and the random screenshot is Alderman Ed Bus.

Unfortunately, nobody is calling for Alderman Ed Bus to resign. Which is good, because he’s in the political fight of his life to save the 53rd ward. Yesterday, television station “management” gave Feder a bunch of baloney that they were ‘misled’ in what they thought was a private message to Daley and not for public consumption. Is it me or does that make it a tad worse? You’ll kiss his ass in private only? Yikes.

And honestly, what makes this any different than the ‘kicker’ stories that the local television news put out each and every day? You don’t see too many ‘Daley should be held accountable’ stories coming off the NBC5 newscast. I think the bigger issue is that most of Chicago doesn’t have a problem with this kind of commercial because the Chicago consumer is over local television news.

Anyway, Tim Smithe was forced to remove the commercial and late last night and he issued an apology. I called Alderman Ed Bus this morning to ask him what he thought of the raging controversy. He was offended:

“What? I’m on a commercial with who? What? Who is this?

I was misled. I was told this was going to be a personal tape to the mayor featuring other aldermen, commissioners, a couple people from the ward office, all our friends from Bridgeport and Dennis Farina. And then I was under the impression that there would be some sort of adult entertainment, jumpin’ out of a cake or somethin’. No one said anything about scummy television anchors bein’ there. Listen, I would have never poured out my heart to the mayor in front of a well-lit, professionally-staffed TV studio if I knew this would be made public. I should have learned my lesson. Last time I had a conversation taped I ended up on probation. Wait, who is this?”

B story: The Blagojevich Trial II: The Temple of Doom is now in full swing as federal prosecutors try to convince the jury that Blagojevich tried to sell the U.S. Senate seat. The trial is getting heated because in cross-examination, the defense is trying to lure witnesses to contradict themselves (think Boston Public) but the prosecution and Judge Zagel objected and sustained the objections several times over prompting Patti Blagojevich to rip the courtroom proceedings to the press as she walked out. Bad day for the Blagojevich team.

C story: A new follower (@richouston24) to Twitter took umbrage with my Scottie Pippen littered post from yesterday. He wrote: “You are a terrible writer. Did Scottie litter? Have you ever been to a sporting event? Do you see trash cans everywhere? No, you drop it on the ground.”

Really? Because when I’m at a sporting event, I put my trash at my feet and then make a sneaky decision to just leave it there when the game is over. But sometimes, if easy to handle, I take it with me and throw it in a garbage can. I don’t crumple up my napkin and throw it over my shoulder as if to say “this is your job. Pick it up.”

D story: Rich Melman and the Chicago Reader were the only winners at this year’s James Beard Awards. All Chicago restaurants shut out. Ouch. It’s all up to Derrick Rose now!

Weather: 80 today? Yes sir!

Sports: Tonight is a big game for the Bulls. But ESPN wants to know if Derrick Rose was to blame for Game 4? I say no. I say Derrick Rose was the only reason we stayed in the game. Also, don’t look now, but the Sox have won three in a row. The Cubs start a big series with the Cardinals tonight. But seriously, how big is any series before Memorial Day. The only drama? Should the Cubs bean Theriot?

Kicker: We should have local reporters do more of this: