All-apology issue: The Onion, ‘Daily Show’ suck it up

All-apology issue: The Onion, ‘Daily Show’ suck it up

A ‘sorry’ blog post:

‘CRUDE AND OFFENSIVE … SENSELESS, HUMORLESS …’ That’s the way The Onion CEO Steve Hannah describes a tweet about young Oscar nominee Quvenzhané Wallis during Sunday’s ceremonies — a tweet taken down within an hour, followed Monday morning by Hannah’s apology promising “immediate steps to discipline those individuals responsible.”
* American Journalism Review editor: Apology “was spot on.”
* Might that apology now cast a chilling effect on The Onion‘s humor?
* New York Times media critic: “Onion to writers: Tweet incredibly edgy, funny stuff. If you go over the line, we’ll just slide you under the bus.”
* Onion apology satirized by Thing X, founded by ex-Onion staffers and Cartoon Network’s “Adult Swim”: “Rest assured that from this day forward, nothing will matter to us more than your comfort.”
* Salon:Is social media too tough on political incorrectness? Ask Seth MacFarlane.”
* How producers got Michelle Obama to present an Oscar.

‘THE DAILY SHOW’ APOLOGIZES, TOO. Jon Stewart last night regretted having “randomly slammed a dude because … he had a funny name like Dick Molpus,” using him as “an avatar for casual bigotry,” when in fact Molpus has endured death threats during “a long and distinguished record of speaking out for civil rights.”
* Mississippi investigative reporter: Invite Molpus on the show.

‘MOST INCREDIBLE NEWSPAPER APOLOGY EVER.’ That’s how media watcher Jim Romenesko describes a “Note to Readers” from a North Carolina paper groveling before “everyone we unintentionally upset with our public records request …”
* Philadelphia Inquirer columnist calls apology “embarrassing, snivling [sic].”
* Boing Boing calls it “awe-inspiring work, even by established standards of smalltown media obsequiousness.”

‘INAPPROPRIATE AND TO SOME DEGREE OFFENSIVE.’ That description by a suburban mayor of a police brochure displaying black stereotypes falls short of the apology demanded by some veteran black cops.
* New York state lawmaker apologizes for blackface costume.
* Pennsylvania mayor apologizes for his ejection from high-school wrestling tournament.

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