Andrea Lenaburg’s first crush was Davy Jones

Andrea Lenaburg’s first crush was Davy Jones

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A generation brought up on the new technology of television was shocked last week when it was announced that Davy Jones, the lead singer of The Monkees, had died. Andrea Lenaburg brings a story from her youth about the band some criticized for being manufactured, but that was, to her, so much more.

“He was my first crush. There was a time I believed Davy Jones and I were meant to be together. The Monkees were on Channel 6, I was 6, and there were 6 people in my family. Alas, our love was not to be, for he died this week at the age of 66.

When asked if I felt righteous indignation when The Monkees revealed in 1967 they didn’t even play their own instruments, I say, ‘Of course not, silly. I was 6.’

Some consider The Monkees rock n’ roll’s first embarassment. They weren’t a real band, but a fabrication of a couple of Hollywood suits who assembled four guys in their image of a profitable rock group.”

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