Asian-American activists seek firing of cops in parlor video

Asian-American activists seek firing of cops in parlor video

Asian-American activists in Chicago are expressing outrage over the lack of punishment being recommended by the city agency that investigates police misconduct. Their anger goes back to a 2013 raid on a massage parlor where police arrested Jessica Klyzek, the manager of the salon. The incident was caught on tape, and Klyzek can be heard screaming hysterically.

Police respond by yelling at her that she is acting like an animal; they threaten her and her family with death and one yells, “You’re not f****** American. I’ll put you in the UPS box and send you back to wherever the f*** you came from.”

A half-dozen officers stand by watching.

According to a spokesman for the Independent Police Review Authority, the agency is recommending suspensions of 25 days and 8 days for two officers involved and a one-day suspension for the sergeant supervising them who never stepped in to stop the abuse and never reported it, according to an attorney for Klyzek.

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Viveka Ray-Mazumder was one of 15 people protesting those recommendations Friday morning outside police headquarters.

“How could you watch that video and not recognize that this is horrifying and that something major needs to happen? That’s the question that we’re all asking ourselves,” said Ray-Mazumder.

Activists from several Asian American community groups are demanding that police Supt. Garry McCarthy fire the officers involved. The police department did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

Robert Wildeboer is a WBEZ criminal and legal affairs reporter. Follow him at @robertwildeboer.