Attn. food bloggers: Cool it on the month-long coverage of Thanksgiving

Attn. food bloggers: Cool it on the month-long coverage of Thanksgiving
Attn. food bloggers: Cool it on the month-long coverage of Thanksgiving

Attn. food bloggers: Cool it on the month-long coverage of Thanksgiving

Great photo. (AP)

Did I read this right in the New York Times? 32,000 people gathered on or by the Brooklyn Bridge for the Occupy Wall St. march yesterday? And in Chicago, right at rush hour, protesters shut down the LaSalle Street bridge here in Chicago. Just when you thought the movement was dying down, it springs right back up. It’s fascinating to watch. How does a regular Chicagoan respond to the Occupy Chicago movement? There aren’t a lot of super rich people here (I’m sure there are a few, but still). So how does the 99 percent view it? Let’s find out. Good blog idea for next week. I wish Anne Elizabeth Moore was still doing her Revision Street project. That would be an interesting question to ask real Chicago.

B story: My colleagues at work believe that new Chicago Cubs Manager Dale Sveum looks like me:

First off, this guy is much better looking than me. Secondly, it’s in the nose. This guy has a regular nose, where I go with more of the hook style nose. Lastly, not all bald guys look alike. That’s just baldist.

C story: If I ever have a free weekend, I always have a hard time figuring out entertainment sites like Metromix or Time Out Chicago. They are great sites with a ton of content, but it’s so much that sometimes I just need someone to tell me what the heck is going on this weekend, and should I go to it. Right? My wifey is usually in charge of, “Hey, let’s go to this new restaurant or event.” If it were up to me, I’d say, “Hey, my friend’s band is playing at US Beer Company. I ain’t talked to him in a while and the band isn’t that great, but still, I think they have drink specials?”

Enter Alison Cuddy and the Weekender. Great idea. May I make a public suggestion? Throw what new/hot restaurants and bars you should go to in the podcast. That would kill.

D story: You know what I hate right now? That every food blog is about Thanksgiving. Turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing…we get it. It just seems like food sites are turning into the blog equivalent of the candy aisle at Walgreens (which now have Santa candy out). I think it’s appropriate to throw in a couple Thanksgiving-related recipes and whatnot starting THIS weekend (even though Zulkey disagrees). But the last two weeks have been overkill. I can only see so many pictures of turkeys and bright, orange leaves. Isn’t family harrassment enough to remind me Thanskgiving is coming, now you pile on? I can’t wait til the week after when it’s all leftover talk. Food blogs during the holidays is probably a lot like public radio during pledge drives. I’ll just come back when it’s over.

Do a story instead on why breakfast is constantly costing me $40 now.

E story: I just went to the Gap because I have no casual winter clothes. I bought a hoodie for $41 (30 percent off). But just the idea that a hoodie sweatshirt is $41 is outrageous. But it’s soft. And much more stylish than your run-of-the-mill Target sweatshirts. But wow, that’s quite a mark-up. But I feel like I could be in How to Make it in America:

Weather: Today is probably a perfect November day. Cold but not too cold. Sunny and bright. No real global warming problems.

Sports: I read this on CBS Sportsline on my phone today. Columnist Clarke Judge previews the big NFL games this weekend. For the Bears/Chargers game, Clarke writes:

In a month, Chicago has gone from a struggling club to one that is a legitimate Super Bowl threat … yes, I’m serious. I don’t know who to credit — coach Lovie Smith, offensive coordinator Mike Martz or offensive line coach Mike Tice — but the Bears figured out how to protect Jay Cutler, Cutler figured out to play quarterback and the Bears figured out how to win consistently.

They have it all. They can throw. They can run. They play defense. And they have Devin Hester. Frankly, I’m surprised the line is so small here. I don’t see how San Diego competes with these guys. The Chargers are 1-3 on the road, are trapped in a four-game slide and have so many injuries on the offensive line they wanted to audition Pete Prisco at left guard.

Wow. Hard to believe the Bears turned it around so quickly. Even after London (going into the Bye), the fans were not happy. 4-3 and just playing poorly. We expected more from a squad that went to the NFC Championship last year. This happened one time before in our history. We got to the NFC Championship in 1984. Then, 1985. That’s the expectation here in Chicago. So reading this today, it truly gets you excited. Have the Bears turned a corner? And now, the rivalry with the Packers is heating up, even though we don’t play against them til Christmas night.

Kicker: Speaking of rivalries, I saw this Tweet last from Ernest Wilkins, commissioner of our summer media softball league (and RedEye columnist/social media editor):

I’d like to acknowledge that #KupLeague trash talk occurred tonight. Can’t wait for next season, especially the @ChicagoNow/@WBEZ rematch..


Should ChiNow-WBEZ be the opener?

It’s November. That’s pretty intense, seeing the league probably won’t start up again til June. It’s not unlike Bears/Packers. But I think it’s much more Steelers/Ravens. Ha! If you missed it, here’s the recap of the rivalry game last year.