Band-Aid On A Bulletwound

Band-Aid On A Bulletwound

As wildfires tear through California, our decades-old infrastructure comes back to bite us. On this week’s On the Media, how we can understand this latest climate catastrophe through a metaphor from the computer world. Plus, the on-going struggle over the fate of the internet message board 8chan. And, Radiolab’s Molly Webster digs into the right to be forgotten.

1. Writer Quinn Norton [@quinnnorton] on how California’s wildfires are caused in large part because of infrastructure decays, or the “technical debt” being accumulated by the state, and governments around the country. Listen.

2. Producer Micah Loewinger [@MicahLoewinger] reports on whether eight-chan can remain dead after being de-platformed in August, featuring a conversation with the founder of the site Frederick Brennan [@HW_BEAT_THAT], who now advocates for shitting it down. Listen.

3. Radiolab [@Radiolab] producer Molly Webster on a group of journalists in Ohio trying an experiment: unpublishing content they’ve already published. Listen.

Music from this week’s show:

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