Bears win! The real loser of yesterday’s game? The Chicago Park District

Bears win! The real loser of yesterday’s game? The Chicago Park District
Bears win! The real loser of yesterday’s game? The Chicago Park District

Bears win! The real loser of yesterday’s game? The Chicago Park District

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The Bears are 8-3, gassed up and ready for the final five games of the season. This game is a hard game to apply my usual snark to because a) the Bears played pretty damn good, and b) a dude died from falling off a Soldier Field wall.

That being said, wasn’t it great watching Bears’ linemen pummel Michael Vick? There’s just something inside you that really wants to see him get smashed. Maybe it’s for killing all those dogs. Maybe. Okay, Let’s get to the observations.

The cold weather doesn’t do any favors for Eagles’ Head Coach Andy Reid. He is a very big dude. This reminds me of a funny ‘Separated at Birth’ my wife did from back in the day:

Were there any good signs at Soldier Field yesterday? I was hoping the Bears fans would put some clever ideas on display to taunt Michael Vick. Give me details, please.

Loser of the game: It wasn’t Andy and the Eagles, but instead, the Chicago Park District. Sorry, but that field is atrocious - probably worst in the NFL. They will blame it on conditions, but when the field looks like it has been played on for 7 straight hours before the ball is even kicked off, we have problems. Hey, if the field and grass are worn out, go to the Ace hardware and get some green spraypaint. Seriously, it was garbage. The lawn in Union Park after Pitchfork looked better. And if it was because of some event the day before, plan better. This is the NFL and not to mention, a nationally televised game. Hey Rahm, you want to make Chicago a ‘first tier city?’ Fix the grass.

Jay Cutler was the Jay Cutler we thought we had coming to Chicago when we heard of the trade in 2009. More Philip Rivers, less Jeff George. It helps to spread the field when the running game bites off huge runs. When that happens, the Bears offense works. Who knew? I hate the rhetoric the announcers are throwing out about how Mike Martz had to change his game plan. I don’t think the game plan has changed. I just think the Bears’ running game is on track, not forcing Cutler to throw to make plays. What a concept. Good running games make QBs better.

Also, who gets flagged for yelling at a ref? This isn’t basketball. Did reporters ask Jay Cutler what he said? It reminds me of that scene in Semi-Pro where Will Ferell spews awful profanities at the ref and gets ejected from the game. His response after the whistle? “Whaaaat? What did I say???”

Color commentator Daryl “Moose” Johnston wore another crazy pin-striped suit up in the booth. He’s quietly turning into the guy who dances in front of the ABC 7 studios during the 10pm news.

I’ve been saying it all year: If the Bears’ offense scores 21 points, they win. If they put up three TDs the rest of the way: Super Bowl, Super Bears.

I hate to do this to you Bears fans, but the next few games are crucial - not just for the Bears season, but for defying history. The 2008 Denver Broncos were 8-5 and on their way to the playoffs when they tanked and lost the last three games. Cutler played awful in those games and was shipped after the season ended. Coach Shanahan was fired. And not to be too prescient, but the Broncos lost the last game of the season to rival San Diego Chargers. The winner got the division. Loser went home.

You know who sucks? DeSean Jackson. Everyone loves the Eagles WR, but I saw him alligator arm a TD and just go down on a punt return. If I were an Eagles fan, I wouldn’t like that very much. Say what you will about Devin Hester, but he does take hits.

Winners: Lovie Smith, Mike Martz, Jay Cutler, Julius Peppers, Brian Urlacher, THE Tommie Harris, Chris Harris, Olin Kreutz, Matt Forte, Johnny Knox, Devin Hester and Earl Bennett.

Losers: Chicago Park District, Brad Maynard (don’t line drive punts! You cost us three points).

Next up: Lions in Detroit. Motor City baby! Who wants to go with me? We’ll party in Bloomfield Hills.